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Goodnight Sweet Prince

My generation lost the most iconic and inspirational performers of my lifetime. We all are hurt, heart broken, and upset that Prince left us too soon.

My first concert was his Purple Rain concert in Tallahassee, Florida. Then several shows from Miami, Tampa, New York. Always entertaining and always different.

Next to me dancing for Jermaine Stewart those Prince shows were awe-inspiring.

So much that Prince inspired me to start recording and playing music. His influence is strong within my own music. It gave me the opportunity to co-write a one song demo for his sister Sharon L Nelson(I love ya girl). The entire Nelson/Landrau family taught me the ins/outs of music and gave me truth with tough love.

Prince said, "All music should be inspirational." This has inspired me not to grieve but to rejoice in his music. Inspiring us to be free, happy, and to love one another like he asked us to.

My journey in music has just taken a more aggressive step to inspire and carry on a legacy this unequivocal talent has instilled within me.

His journey has not ended, trust me, it's just transcended to another realm.

We all hurt, we all grieve, but we all will remember. Remember that Prince is in all of us...I am Human, I Am Jamie Rivers, We are Prince...

Rest in love and light ‪#‎Prince‬ our Friend,



Hello to all. Well, I just wanted to apologize for my long absence from the music scene. I know I promised a new video in 2014. I have no excuses and apologize for the long delay. I just want to thank those who have be patient with me this last year. Just want to let you know this, that I do have a private life but am very approachable if you see me, anywhere. Love to you all and peace to you.

Ranked #1

So, it's been a minute since I blog on RN. First, I'm currently Ranked #1 in my Category of FUNK in Orlando, Florida.

Secondly, I'm starting to ask if anybody with Funk/Jazz/Blues aptitude would like to start up a local Funk band to play my originals? Guitarist, Bass Player, Drums, Keys. Let me know, I'm so wanna turn Central Florida out before heading to L.A. for a minute.

-Jamie Rivers

Ranked #2

It's pretty cool to be ranked so high in a few short days, here, on Reverbnation. I'm liking the comments and new music friends/fans that I am receiving. So many talented artists, musicians on this site. Don't know what to say but WOW. My gratitude goes out to Jillian Rocafort, Derrick "Hott Soss" Cummings, Scott Robinson, Angel L Reyes, Don Tweedy, Barry Weinstein, Jeff Ravenscraft, Steve Reele, Fred McKnight, Vincente Castillo, Michelle "Bray" Mitinger, Nicole "Nikki" Williams, Joseph Rivers, Randy and Levon Jackson, Ruben Ruiz, Craig Collins, Randee Elmore, Eleanor Landrau, Sharon "Keep in the pocket" Nelson, and especially Jermaine Stewart(Dancing in Heaven) for the support and work on various songs I've done. Thank you to all.

Jamie Rivers

Local Rank #5

Jamie Rivers is currently Ranked #5 in the Orlando, Fl area for Funk. Let's take it all the way to #1

New Manager

I'm happy to announce that Paul A. Altamirano will be my New Music Manger. He's supported all music Funk music and with the conversations, ideas, and most importantly trust, I decided to on this. This is the first step in succeeding within the music industry and the makings of my inner circle of a Music Family.

Jamie Rivers