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Change your thoughts, change your life

I heard that God wants to do for you what He has already done for you but all you have to do is receive it. This means that whenever we open our mouths to say something we are either activating or deactivating our blessing. This also means that there are treasures stored up for us that we will receive if we truly BELIEVE that they are made available for us. We may have had a million dollar reward but were due a billion dollar return and our words allowed us to fully miss out on what was intended for us. This means that we must, as a society, be complacent with our current situations and with the blessings that we do receive, which in God's eyes means that we have no imagination. We may be under the impression that we are living the life but were supposed to be in the position to give that same life we have to our unborn great grand children because of our excess. Instead of thinking of the rewards we have received, start shifting your thinking to a much bigger picture that includes not only yourself, but your entire legacy. Speak these things as if they are even though you don't see anything yet. Don't allow your mouth to shorten the already endorsed check that you were supposed to cash. Get your blessings because they are waiting for you! When you really change your thoughts, you will naturally change your words and you will truly change you life. Have a wonderful day because you can and love somebody who does not deserve it.

Unconditional love, try it

Our society uses the word "love" very loosely. We "love" everything: You see that movie last night?... "I loved it!"...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Taco Bell... I love my new phone... I love that car that just came out. We are so giving with inadament objects yet when meeting a new person, we can be so slow to accept them, trust them, like them, or even view them as a human. When we are unfamiliar with a person, they are less of a human to us and more or less an object that can either hinder or advance our own person gain. We dont think about unrecognizeable people as a caring mother, a loving son, a hard working grandparent, a veteran hero, a brilliant individual, or talented person, just someone in the way. I realized this when I was driving and trying to make the left turn light and there was a car in front of me also turning: though they had the turn signal, they intensionally did not turn because someone was J-walking across the street. I wanted to honk at them because I was in a rush and did not want to wait another 2 1/2 minutes to get the chance to turn again. Flustered, I finally looked up to see who the car in front of me was not turning for-- an elderly woman, trying to make the bus before it took off. I too was in a rush in the luxury of my own car and was so focused on my self that I did not see that elderly woman as a person but a roadblock [literally] and her urgency to be legitimate. But what if I loved her? What if I treated her as highly as the Taco Bell I so passionately speak of? We should love other people just like we love these inadament object and things that we possess. We are patient when we are waiting on our food, but not patient of other people when they are currently going through a struggle that we already got over ourselves. We struggle so that we can help other people when they go through the same thing, but we also struggle so that we can understand other people, empathize with them, and remember that we have overcame some things in our life as well. Today [and forever] start loving people as freely and loosely as we love objects and watch your life change. Regardless of what other people are doing or saying, just love them. Love them like you have no other option, every time. It does not matter if someones lifestyle or appearance is not to your taste or liking, but trying loving them and see how it changes the environment you are in and your life! I love you... like I love The Coffee Beans blended iced chai tea :) Peace, B.Roberts www.reverbnation.com/broberts

Moment of clarity

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day that we often don't grasp the moments that we actually lived. We go on auto-pilot at work, at school, at games, and even at church.

We find our selves reading books and being motivated temporarily only to experience life again and feel lost. Start taking the time today to live slowly, and soak in those things that happen around us and appreciate the consequences of our life, both good and bad. These feelings and moments build charcacter and give clarity to us. Appreciate the small successes and even the small failures as I feel my faith gives me an understanding that hard time are promised, just as blessings are. Don't just read something, or listen to something, ponder it, challenge it, and take it in! That way, when you are faced with adversity, you have something to fall back on that you are equipped with! The times when we face hardships are the opportunities in which we have the capacity to grow more, so count it a joy when you have challenges :) You are a champion, a winner, and your every fiber, every molecule inside was desgined for you succeed! Don't spend your life trying sulking but instead soaking in the peace that God is, in fact, bigger than any problems that you will ever have and that your problems will never overpower Him... #I'mJustSayin #ponder Peace B.Roberts

Fitting out

I grew up in an environment where as a youth, you would not try to be the smart kid because you were nervous that you would get made fun of by your friends. There would be many times that I would have the answer and wouldn't raise my hand because I didn't want to hear about it later: over and over again. This cycle was not just common in my circles at school but I am sure many others have gone through a similar situation. I graduated with honors while many people whose opinions that I held dear to myself did not even graduate on time. I was always taught that I was not better than anyone else and I still believe that. I am not better than anyone, but I have learned that I am better than some circumstances. This is like to me, a millionaire, seeking the approval of someone with no net worth. I let the desire of fitting in shrink myself from being probably even more than I am today. As I got older I found myself falling into the same habits of doing things to stay in the loop. When you measure up with other people, you will always fall short of the abilities that God uniquely gave you for you to grow. Do not shortchange yourself by seeking the approval of others, in fact, what abilities you were blessed with BRING it! Instead of fitting in, start fitting OUT and inherit those things that you were supposed to have. You are going to lose some people along the way, but that's the beauty of it- this process is a detox for your soul that allows you more space for your future blessings. Anything that stunts you growth or makes you ashamed of it, is not something you should seek the approval of. Go ahead and fit out! Your blessing will come! #Getit B.Roberts

Follow your dreams!!!!

The older many people get, the more comfortable they get, and the more "life" happens to them, people stop believing in themselves. You could be getting paid well, have a wonderful family, or be really busy with many day to day tasks but as we get older, its easy for us to settle. Today I wanted to encourage you to remember those moments and feelings that you had when you were in middle school or fresh out of college when you knew that you were on Earth to make a HUGE impact: not to be nostaligic, but to feed that fire! It is never too late to reinvent yourself and it is never too late to DREAM BIG! If you wanna write... write out LOUD! If you wanna sing...SING! Lets stop making excuses for why we are not attempting to follow our hearts. Leave no regrets today! You were created for a purpose and know that you have value on this Earth! The greatest commandments are to love and I want you to know that you are loved. Peace be to you as you get back on your journey of following your dreams! #YouCanDoIt