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Our Version of Pay-to-Play

We think we figured out a way around the pay-to-play bullshit that goes on here in LA thats spreading like an epidemic. We started asking why pre-sell 70-100 tickets at $10.00 a pop for someone else, when we (the bands) do all the leg work and promotion? Those ticket sales, by right, should be ours in return to put into the band, or recycling the funds for more venues to play in. Remember no one will promote your product more passionately than you anyway...regardless, until your at a major label.

OUR SOLUTION: Us bands should rent out venues together, mixing and matching fans for more exposure, and build the camaraderie that is lacking on the scene. Although we'd have to pay the venues ourselves, we should all come together to pay the venue, which in turn would be cheaper than pay to play, and then recoup our loss by selling more tickets for less money that we ultimately pocket. Cutting the out the greedy middle man...period...based on principal. The ones who suffer now is us good bands, the serious muther fuckers working our asses off trying to make a career from our music, and really going for it. It's time for a change...a revolution! NOTE: Don't get me wrong some are great, and we can recommend a few til this day that we must use to play out. But this can change...

Meaning, the fans are happy with the cheaper ticket, and a kick ass show. The bands are happy cuz we can perform, and raise money for their band by selling tickets. The venue is happy either way cuz they got their money upfront, and bar sales. Ingenious idea? We didn't go to Harvard business school, but we think this is a business plan that benefits the future of bands in the business. Hop aboard, its your career...

- Permanent Ability

Best Frontman & Bassist Award WINNERS

We recently were voted to be Hollywood's Best Frontman & Best Bassist of 2008. We would like to thank you all who voted and we dedicate our awards to you fans. Stay tuned cuz 2009 is gonna be a BIG year for Permanent Ability. Welcome aboard, Brian & Adam