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VOTE For Me!!!!

vote for me to perform live in L.A april 14th vote vote vote here http://t.co/r5wNO3aCTT

"since 96"


"since 96"

whos ready for "since 96 "gonna be the biggest project ive put out.

reaching out

trying to connect with my fans what should this fall albums topic be share your thoughts trying to involve my fans and get a feel for what you guys like to here. comment


workin on this album for you guys right now stay tuned for more updates for the album no tittle or date set yet simply gathering beats and thoughts

block dreamin

may 25th 2 more days whos ready?

Louie P

check out my new website!!!! official_louiep.webs.com

Louie P

hood dreams comin soon!!!!!!

Louie P

ima make it to the top and stunt on all the haters in the end! -Louie p