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You've got until Friday to download "Battlescars" and "house of cards" then I'm taking them off to make room for some new music. So don't wait! Get your free downloads now!!


I wanna take a second to recognize all the fans that have been supporting my music and have helped me become #1 Here locally and quickly approaching the top 100 in the Nation!! Thank you and keep listening :-)

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Teddy Bear new song/video up on YouTube

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Sneak Peek behind the scenes

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New ROCK project!?

Late last night I talked to an old friend of mine and he wants me to do a "Rock" project with him. I've always respected and loved his music. Sound like fun!!


Vocals are coming along nicely for "I Still Want you" i'll probably be finishing them up tomorrow and hopefully finish mixing the song on Saturday just in time for my beach shoot on Sunday :-)

Currently recording guitar for "I still want you"

Just taking a quick break to tell you guys that this song is sounding amazing!!! I can't wait until I can share all these new songs with you!!!

I just made "All I Want" (Acoustic) FREE DL!

i'm putting up the full band version of "All I want" tonight along with my cover of JASON ALDEAN - Fly Over States


Its official! Heading into the studio to record the new album in less than a month, looks like we might be making that Jun. 25th release date just in time!