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thought things could lessen the cold distance freezes my blood the day in day out lingers in a small world that i reside a freaks sense of our purpose a twisted fate that kills and blackens the walls of my soul looking at the crowds pass by looking at the social acceptance something i cant ever seem to grab id rather be alone then false im not the same but learned through reason that theres no right or wrong just live and enjoy life the way you know how while others are quick to judge i feel the freedom of my unrated dreams like a light within the darkness a place where human ideals fade and the realms to liberation are made

new writing

wish one wish this nite hope for the healing sprite the wind of changing tides submerge into the ever changing void witness the beauty and mystery the unknown knowledge under our wake kiss the failures and know the taste cherish the moment of victory short and sweet the chill the never ending strive i crawl into submission a creature built on addictions and pleasures i smile just to see the brighter side of a pitch dark room by bael spire

New Single

We have a new single "The End is Here" we will be posting the song in the near future, but you can check it on live video imported via You Tube here on our CFP page.