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Braddy Tha Hustla | Freaknik 2010: The All-but Invisible Spring Break Festival

ATLANTA -- Looking at traffic in Midtown at midafternoon, the telltale signs of Freaknik -- thumping music, young people packed into cars -- there was none of that. "I haven't seen any kind of increase in traffic like we have seen in years prior. I've been doing this a long time," said William Miller, Public Safety Director in DeKalb County. "I remember when Freaknik rode into town. And I haven't seen anything like that." DeKalb police presence was thick at a Memorial Drive venue touting a pre-Freaknik party Thursday night. Patrons were less than plentiful. "I thought it was gonna be going on. I don't know," said a disappointed Marques Braddy. He was standing outside the Atrium, the venue hosting the party. Braddy says he traveled from Washington DC for Freaknik 2010. "We lost a lot of money," said Martin Mitchell, a vendor standing next to Braddy. "We had a lot of people who came to the venue, but they got harassed by DeKalb County (police) and (they) deterred a lot of our visitors," said Mitchell. DeKalb and Atlanta police say they are monitoring internet chatter touting anything connected with this year's attempted Freaknik revival. They are mindful that events with the same name more than a decade ago caused traffic gridlock and, too often, victimized women and damaged property. "There is nothing - nothing - that has been approved by the city of Atlanta for any type of spring fest activities whatsoever," said APD Officer James Polite.

Braddy Tha Hustla New Mixtape "The Bakery Preview"

Braddy is back and with nothing to lose but everything to gain. As he so well stated “I took a couple losses but I’m back up on my grizzly, kicking it with the bosses so it’s back to doing business”, from the first opening intro track “The Bakery”. Braddy apologizes to his supporting fans for the wait, and goes a bit into what’s been going on with him. While there are aspects of the “Street Hustle” mentioned throughout the rapper’s songs, he still remains to display a sense of versatility and a great range of his lyrical ability. On the single “Money In The Air” produced by KD (GAMEnt), Braddy’s giving a vivid picture of what’s a night out on a town could be if he and that special lady could manage to get together & what goes on when he at the club. Song; “I Put You On” featuring family member Butch Locc; the cousin to the Hustla, gives us a real-life situations on how the friends we love and trust, can sometimes not feel the same way about us. He manages to show a yet gentle, softer and a more grown up side of him with the track “Get to know You” Featuring R&B singer Rocki Evans on the hook, and Braddy showing off his skills speaking in Spanish to intrigue his lady, mixing it with his Dirty South flow and his Bloomfield/Macon Ga. Swagger this song sets the tone for all of the ladies. Wrapping up the Bakery Preview with “Bread Up”, the last track on the disc, Braddy ensures fans that he’s not stopping, and gives a brief insight on how the era of GBU (Getcha Bread Up) was started. Braddy, the definition of persistence, determination, hard work and dedication simply makes it clear that to anyone who believes in their self can achieve their goals, and he’s the proof. Never give up, give out. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Bakery+Preview+-+CD/9684588.p?id=2074092&skuId=9684588&st=braddy%20tha%20hustla&lp=1&cp=1

Braddy on Green Hitz - Greenhitz.com

http://greenhitz.com/forums/member.php?u=14302 GETCHA BREAD UP ENT. PRESENTS... Braddy Tha Hustla - Gudda Musik ft. Ray Lavender Macon, Georgia: January 10, 2009 Its going to be a very long year for anyone in this hustla's path this year. Artistically known as Braddy Tha Hustla, a Macon Georgia native rapper. Braddy has been persistantly working hard and making all of the right moves to prepare him for the release of his freshman album entitled "Gudda Musik." With his current single "Gudda Musik", which features a collaboration with KONVICT MUSIC's new R&B sensation Ray Lavender, it's easy to see why the song is an instant hit. "My production staff, Dj Momo & the Remixkingz (of Gudda Musik entertainment) produce the track for me, and from the response I'm getting from djs, it tells me and Ray, that we're up next," said Braddy. The current release date for the project has not been set yet, although the GBU Ent. (Getcha Bread Up entertainment) staff, ensures us that it won't be long now. Other future songs that are set to hit the radio waves are listed below. HEAR THE FUTURE NOW!!! Braddy Tha Hustla - I Wanna Get To Know You Ft. Ciano Grand (Snippet) Braddy Tha Hustla - Watch 4 My Block (Snippet) Braddy Tha Hustla - That's What I Hustle 4 (Snippet) Braddy Tha Hustla - When Life Was Good (Clean) Braddy Tha Hustla - Gudda Musik Ft. Ray Lavender (Clean) WANT TO KNOW WHAT DJS ARE SAYING ABOUT THESE RECORDS? View & Leave Feedback Here! Braddy Tha Hustla on MySpace! CONTACT INFORMATION Getcha Bread Up Ent. (240) 210-3535 E-Mail Me 2nd E-Mail