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The Ferry Man

please check out The Ferry Man taken from the poem written by Angela L Garratt. Thank you.

The Butterfly Song

Hi, I'm pleased to announce The Butterfly Song written by Niven Smith and the very talented Christopher Langley Johnston hope you enjoy it.

Christmas In Our Town

Hi I'm please to announce the arrival of our Christmas song by Vintage 12 hope you enjoy it.

Christmas song coming next week

Hi please look out for our Christmas song Christmas In Our Town it's coming next week and it is going to raise money for a great charity which will be revealed next week along with the down load link thank you.

Album and songs

Album and individual songs from the album available for purchase and download soon from www.nivensmithmusic.com

Wasteland rerecorded

This is a re recording of the poem written by author poet Angela Garratt turned into a song wasteland.

Jimmy Hendrix cover

Hi just uploaded my cover of Hey Joe by Jimmy Hendrix hope you enjoy my take on the great song by a great guitarist also I am left handed like jimmy.

I'd like to say anything to you

Here's I'd like to say anything to you an original song written by ian Surgenor and I have been given kind permission to do a version of the song so hope you enjoy it and thanks for your continued support.

BB King cover the thrill is gone

Hi just done a version of the thrill is gone by legendary blues man BB King for promo hope you enjoy it and appreciate any feedback. Thanks for your support.

Hand in hand

Another original song written by Niven smith and author,poet Angela garratt coming very soon, when originally performed by the band it needed some work and now its re recorded and with a nice electric guitar sound and mastered and feels alot better.