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Thank you all!

We are not professional musicians. We have no idea how to promote our music, but we are trusting the Lord to guide us. We recently started airing on Jango radio, aka Radio Airplay, and as of this writing we have received 253 fans from over 25 different countries. What is amazing is less than 5 percent of them came from following Christian artists. Most of our fans have come from Marroon 5, Rihanna, Poets of the Fall, Dave Matthews Band, Googoo Dolls and Sick Puppy! Over 10,000 people have heard our songs, we have 115 likes on our Facebook page, but only 2 people have actually downloaded our Album! We are now trying Reverbnation to see if we can increase our reach. We are not trying to become "popular" or "rising stars", we are not wanting to be "tops on the charts". If there is any glory to be given it is to be given to Jesus Christ alone. These are His songs that He has given us the responsibility of sharing to the world. And you can be a part of it. Share the music with your friends! Keep us in your prayers! Pray that this music reaches the people that need to hear it!

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This is all new to us. We will keep you posted as to our reach in the next few days.