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Added a new verison of Animal and a new song, Riot.

Tell me what you think. Gracias

Dedication to Cancer Patients

Alright.....so... I've decided to take a different route today and start working on a bass original based on a poem I wrote. The name of the poem is "Little Susy," and it is a dedication to all cancer patients worldwide. It is an effort to provide hope for not only them, but for all sick/lost people in this world. I can relate because my grandfather passed from cancer. Miss you popo! :) Here are some short reviews of "Little Susy" from members of poetry.com :

"Tragic, but enjoyable."

"Incredibly sad, Although the subject matter can make some wanna cry this is a good poem and all those cancer patients can gain hope from the courage written in it NICE JOB."

"I really like it, great."

"Aw, made me laugh and cry."

From yahoo.com :

"A very unique and amazing poem."

"Beautiful, I loved it."

"It is a beautiful story"

"I love it :)"

Yes I know it strays from the rock theme but I feel this is necessarily in a world of doubt. Hopefully I can get this out soon. I've been writing poetry for quite awhile.

Just did a guitar version of animal

Check it out. 2 huge mistakes tho

I am confident

I need your support!

New song

Short Song "Enraged" is out!

Dreaming big

Just starting out. Hope for the best.