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new video

new video up from early november at the CrossRhodes Listening Room in Dallas, NC...really nice people and some great footage of "Spade Cooley", "Peckinpah and Ford" and "Twenty Minutes In"

xmas songs?

added a few xmas type songs, i hope you take them in the spirit they're intended. "it's xmas,baby" and "santa's got the blues" were recorded back in 2004 with members of The Dum Perfessers,"xmas eve on easter island" is a demo from around the same time

"It Was A Good Plan..."

about 10 years ago, Ivan Strunin told me i should come to Charlotte and record some songs... time has a way of slipping past us, but here we are and here it ( finally ) is 13 songs...13 stories. Ivan got me here. Chuck Johnson heard my songs and made some phone calls. Eric Lovell answered the phone and agreed to play guitar and dobro and produce the project. he enlisted the aid of Rick Blackwell and his bass fiddle as well as Gigi Dover for vocal help. Tom Kuhn ( the glue ) brought his mandolin and infectious grin. Molly Brown even blew the trombone on a cut... WestArtVideo ( Wes,Shane,Hannah ) brought the cameras. we got together at The Evening Muse on a rainy day that happened to be Jerry Jeff Walker's birthday, and along with the help of a bunch of fine folks in the crowd ( including,i'm honored to say, a whole bunch of Charlotte musicians ) we laid it all out. and this CD is the resulting document. i hope you like it!

Outlaw Magazine Interview


busk never sleeps

i'll be playing at the King's Drive Art Walk,saturday,april 27th,11:00 am -1:00 pm.... "Since the fall of 1964, Festival in the Park has brought Charlotteans from all walks of life together to enjoy arts, crafts, music and family entertainment. With the mission of bringing the community together by celebrating the arts, the Festival Board is excited to broaden its reach and to announce a spring fine arts event, the Kings Drive Art Walk. We invite you to participate in our spring event which will be held along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, a newly reclaimed natural waterway between East Morehead Street and Pearle Street Bridge along Kings Drive. With a focus on fine and emerging artists, our new spring festival on this beautiful and easily accessible venue will become an annual fine arts outing!" so,toss a buck in my case and enjoy a wonderful day...there will be buskers all day long both the 27th and 28th

2 new uploads

i just posted a couple songs....the first,Falling Stars album version is the finished product from the demo i posted earlier. about as big as i ever got,as far as background vocals and stuff-amy kurylo did a great job on this song,as did geoff cutts doing keys and electric guitar and eric hendrickson playing drums. i played acoustic guitar and bass All He Ever Had To Say,is the excact opposite approach....as simple a guitar part as a person could imagine. i like it because,although i didn't intend it to be,it is such a perfect example of john prine's influence on me...i laughed when i heard the playback and i'm sure if he wanted to,he could sue me. anyway,i hope you check the songs out and enjoy them DT

first gig jitters

ok,i've only been playing music in front of people since 1973. so why am i so nervous? expecting a few friendly faces and hoping to make a few more friends before the night is thru...

casey killed caylee

i hate to admit that i'm a cable news junkie...i wrote this right after the rash of "murdered wives and missing kids" first rolled over us... i was always sorry i couldn't fit natalee holloway in there,somewhere...