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How it all got started....

Last Call is a 5 member group with a unique sound that was peaced together in 2009. Drummer Mike D and singer Adam Frates started jamming together at Mikes place. Guitarist Johnny Alves lived next door and heard them jammin and asked "Yo Mang... When can we jam together". So Johnny was added. They then held a tryout for a bass player. Thats when Mark King (King of bass players) joined. DjCauajion was having a cookout at his crib and was looking for a band to play. Cause he knew Mike and Adam he asked them to play. They said as long as DjC had his turntables out to jam with them. After the cookout was over ......Last Call was Created!! Last Call plays Covers and Originals (Rap, Rock, Funk Reggae is their sound) They've played at house parties, benifits and bars around the South Shore such as Venus III (Hanson) New World Tavern (Plymouth) Cabby Shack (Plymouth) Charlie Horse (West Bridgewater) All Seasons (Halifax) Frankie D's (Kingston) Black Raspberry (Plymouth) Bert's (Plymouth) Players Sports Bar (Rockland) and an MMA event at Plymouth Memorial Hall & Lombartos in Randolph. Then they got a chance to show there skill up in Boston where they rocked the house at Church. After that performance they were asked by Hear Now Live Entertainment to headline at the Middle East in Cambridge. That show also was a success. A good enough success that they were asked to perform and headline the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston again by Hear Now Live Entertainment. After that they were asked to perform a live acoustic set (with turntables) and interviews on WATD 95.9's Almost Famous Show on tuesday nights. --(That can be heard on their Sound Cloud)- They've been working on some new originals and adding new covers to their set list. Stay up to date with Last Call's Facebook news feed to see where they will be performing next.

~LC~ One Love

Adam Frates-Vocals, Acoustic Mark King-Bass Johnny Alves-Lead Guitar Mike D-Drums, Vocals DjCaucajion-Turntables.