SUN GIANT by Tia Mearns

SUN GIANT is a bluesy, lo-fi band with some psychedelic vibes.

The England based band is composed of two 18 year old members– Liam Fairclough (vocals and guitar) and Tomas Walmsley(drums and backing vocals). I interviewed Tomas Walmsley, who was enthusiastic about what was to come with SUN GIANT.

Who are your musical inspirations? Walmsley: Based on genres it goes from 60′s psychedelia, 70′s hard rock to modern day psych/grunge really. My inspirations for drumming comes from the likes of Mitch Mitchell from the Hendrix experience and John Bonham from Led Zeppelin, their influential take on drums just from a young age caught my attention. How old we’re you when you got into making music yourself?

W: I have always tried to make music, not that I could ever do so but probably since I was 6, I would try record things for my Dad. But the band stuff started a few years back with a few high school bands I had and SUN GIANT came out of that, forming only last year. Name one song that gets you in the mood to make music.

W: hmm. All the music I listen to gets me in the groove to make music and play. But, currently ‘Shake Appeal’ // Iggy & The Stooges. From a concert you played, what’s the most memorable story?

W: Supporting DRENGE a few months back was, excuse my language, but fucking amazing. It was the first gig that we could actually get the sound we wanted and give that to the crowd, we normally play gigs where the sounds all over and it’s a “make do” kinda thing. But with the professionalism of DRENGE and their energy and large sound, man, it was just a brilliant night. It was a privilege to see them let alone support them. Are you excited for any shows you are going to play this year?

W: Yes we have some good shows coming up this year hopefully. Shows of our own and hopefully some more shows supporting bands. But we’ll see where it goes. Who knows, just keep going I guess. With inspiration that shows in their music, they can only go up from here. If they are playing close to you, I recommend you check ‘em out!

SUN GIANT EP by Zoe Cameron

Lancaster based boys SUN GIANT are a psychedelic trio who could make the elderly feel young. Their sound brings eternal youth and powerful vibes. These guys have a sound similar to Hendrix himself and the vocals have an Alex turner feel about them. After hearing their older music such as 'Yuletide' and 'Angel Woman' I was expecting some decent music but they went above and beyond what I had in mind. They recently supported bands such as Drenge and To Kill a King and their ability is astonishing. With bands such as Temples bringing psychedelic music back under the radar and many aspiring psych artists such as SUN GIANT, i sense beautiful things on the horizon for the psych genre. Although the band has three members the new self titled EP only consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Liam Fairclough and backing vocalist/drummer Tomas Walmsley (not to be confused with Thomas Walmsley of Temples). The EP has three songs, each as catchy as the next. Although one song in particular stands out for me. 'When will it be worth it' is two minutes of punchy riffs and drums, followed by two minutes and ten seconds of relaxing vocals, resulting in a very trippy record and two minutes and ten seconds of pure gold. Tomas' spontaneous approach to drumming paired with Liam's crazy guitar skills is a match made in musical heaven. I cannot wait to see what they've got in-store for us in the near future and now that they're being recognized the only way is up. Keep an eye out for them as they're going to be very successful very soon. They're bringing back psychedelia and it's about bloody time. We are here. Where are you?

Check out the SUN GIANT EP here; https://soundcloud.com/sungiant (not to be confused with the Fleet Foxes sun giant EP)