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If you dont know me, you will after this.

As time goes on, and planet Earth grows older. Events, and scenery change. Life changes. Weather changes. Something else that changes, is the music. There is always something new coming from somewhere. Nowadays, there is a new sound in the industry that has been around for sometime, but has never really taken off.... til now. The sounds of lound screeches, melodic synths, and heavy bass is taking over the music industry. The sounds that make you want to dance, they have risen from the underground electronic music scene and are taking over. Hardstyle, Progressive and House music have finally gotten the respect they deserve. In doing so it has brought out talent that has never been seen. It has also brought out one of the newest up and coming DJs and producers to hit the Orlando, Florida, and National EDM scene today. With his face melting bass, heavy hard kicks, melodic positive synths. Joey VeeDub has began to make his mark on the EDM scene, and is starting to make his climb to the top. Are you ready to join him for this adventure into such a beautiful scene?