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The Journey Continues

It has been about 3 years now since we set sail on the fair vessel Sommerfugl. We started out humbly, with little thought or expectation of how far we might take it or how long it might last. We only knew that we wanted to sing and play together all the great music that we both loved and maybe even write a few tunes as well. My, oh my how it has far surpassed anything we dreamed! All the adventure and surprises, the support and encouragement from fans, friends and family alike has been unbelievable! The great comments from listeners wherever we go are so very appreciated. You love us - you really, really love us! With one album released ("Somewhere on the Wind"), and another in the works, Sommerfugl is alive, vibrant and growing. The adventure continues and we thank you all so warmly. Steady as she goes!

It's a brand new year!

Friends, fans, countrymen (& women) - lend us your ears! For just a little while. We promise to return them satisfied and happy. Hey - guess what - it's 2014! And Sommerfugl is getting geared up for what looks to be our greatest year yet! Our amazing CD, "Somewhere on the Wind" is creating quite a stir among all the people who have it in their hands (and their CD players). We're starting to fill up the calendar with lots of fun gigs. And we've got a host of new songs for you to hear next time you come out and hear us. Rumor has it that we may be working on the next CD over the summer, but we'll just see if we have the time. If you haven't seen/heard us yet, we cordially and earnestly invite you to do so. This invitation comes with an unequivocal guarantee that you shall not be disappointed. Thanks for being our fans! Holly & William