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Show Update

I'll be performing at Pep's Bar in Willmar, Minnesota Friday Night, April 4th, 2014 Be There true Sharpshooter Fans

New Tracks Coming!!

J-Millie Produced n made some new hooks! So as usual to show our progress Sharpshooter, and J-Millie are gonna leak two tracks today. All on me- TBD

Show Update!!

I'll be performing in Denver, CO Dec 1st. With my boy J-mail! Check it out.. More details throughout the month if your interested

Heads Up!

If you love shooter's music now, wait until I release my second Mixtape.. Point Blank Range

Sharpshooter+App= Sharpshooter's App

Check out that new Sharpshooter App coming out today!! Now the best of Shooter is a button away! God bless fans n Enjoy