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What does he think?

By Rita Bella www.beboldnbrazen.com

Ladies, I know sometimes you look over at your boyfriend or husband and you wonder what the hell is he thinking? What’s on his mind? You ask him and he’s like NOTHING. You ask and you ask but after a while prying on deaf ears gets boring so you let it go. You forget about it and hope that one day he would express his thoughts and feelings with you. But you know as well as I do that trying to get your man to tell you what’s on his mind is like trying to get water from a bone. Not impossible but damn near it. So we girls at B&B got to thinking/ brain storming and we came up with some questions for our guy friends to answer to give not only us but our Brazen readers a sneak peek into the mind of a guy. Enjoy! And if there is a question we may missed that you want answered, Email us and you may see your question up on our next post.

Let’s see what is on Steve Reason’s mind…….

1.What do guys think about women that give it up on the first date?

“How often do you we speak to them after” I think thats what guys think of, But over all we all are human beings and we all do things that aren’t necessarily wrong but in the public eyes your judged. I think a woman that has a one night stands wants to live and also feels a great connection to you, but that depends on the situation also.

2.When is a good time to get married?

Theirs no age for getting married babes, But I think for guys it should be 30 and up and ladies about 22 to 24 and up. I think I would of been married 5 years ago if I didn’t choose to follow my dream of music first. I was crazy in love then with a girl from maryland that I met while in Marines.

3.Do “FANCY” (according to Drake’s song) women intimidate you?

Not at all, cause I love classy chics. I don’t mind treating them fancy either. Gotta make a woman feel beautiful.

4.What do you think about your girl wearing head scarfs to bed?

its cool, just don’t be having it on while we having sex , lol.

5. What do you prefer boy shorts, thong or bikini?

Thongs!! on the beach a bikini.

6. Should bras match panties all the time?

not all the time, if we going out or something I think so, but its not a big deal.

7.How do you feel about hair weaves?

I’m not a big fan of weave, I rather a girl just rock her own hair no matter how long or short it is.

8.What are your thoughts on P.D.A.?

I love that, nothing wrong with 2 people showing how crazy they are about each other out in the open, plus its spontaneous, you only leave once.

9. Would you take a woman serious if you met at the club?

I met my first love at the club, So yes!!

10.What makes a relationship serious?

mmmmm I think when a guy decides to let his phone ring around you is when its time, lol, but I think its when you first say “I love you” to that person and both are agreed on that.

11.Does your partner have to give falatio?

Yes, because I’d would love doing it for her.

12.What do you enjoy most during intimacy?

I enjoy looking in her eyes, and kissing her in between every 3rd or 4th stroke. The best is when you spin her over on her stomach, I love that “hit it from the back”.

13.Is foreplay necessary? and what is your favorite foreplay activity?

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By Rita Bella