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I've been thinking a lot about how we use the word Church. Sometimes it seems that, even though most Christians would say they know the church is the people, we still act and associate church with buildings and factions. I've been going with my wife Brandy to a new church (see there I go) in Knoxville called Overflow Collective, and they're doing a great job tackling this mix up. The style of "church" that they do is all based on small, missional groups going out and BEING the church wherever their circle of influence is. I'm not trying to sell Overflow, and I know any faithful body of believers probably thinks this way, but I've just been really refreshed by being in community with people that are looking to go OUT with the gospel instead of dragging people IN to a church building. So, as I am trying to learn myself, I think we should band together as believers and focus on BEING the church in our area and demographic that we're placed in. For instance, I skateboard a lot. So I'm hoping to start a fellowship group for Christian skaters and plan to build relationships for sharing Jesus Christ with fellow skaters in my city. I also know people that are going missionally into their neighborhoods and trying engage people in relational ministry that live right next door. In conclusion, I just want to encourage you to do the best kind of evangelism as often as you can: the evangelism of LIVING FOR AND WITH CHRIST in all the places you go. Tell people your story and be bold for Christ AS YOU GO throughout all your life-areas. Be blessed, seek Him and thanks for reading my ramblings.


I just feel convicted to say that, if I have not been open or obvious enough at a show you saw about the gospel of Jesus, forgive me.

I want to always be an arrow pointing heavenward and I apologize if you didn't see that in me at any point. Please know that I would love to pray or talk to any of you anytime, just hit me up.

The God that loves me through all would love to show you Himself in fullness. Seek and you will find. He promised us that.


What needs a song written about it? What situations of faith and life and struggle are you going through that need a song to express that? I'm always looking to get to know people better and new muses make for new connections in this musical journey!

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Today as Defined in Hebrews 4

It seems that God has given everyone a very specific date where they will have to choose Him or death. Its name is “today" and it’s been going on since He breathed our first breathe into us. Don’t harden your hearts humanity! Today ends more quickly for some.


I’m sitting in a basement while my violinist and great friend, Adam Loo, cleans the scattered consequences of being a multi-instrumentalist. The context that’s critical here, before I go on, is that I am VERY recently unemployed or a fully employed musician. You can decide which is more accurate. And though I believe, earnestly, that God has given me an opportunity to step further into musicianship, I struggle painfully with BUSYNESS. To be clear, this doesn’t have anything to with hard work versus laziness. No, what I have wrestled daily with, in my first week of self-employment, is the understanding and application of BUSYNESS. And a large part of my difficulty comes from the B word’s antithesis, SABBATH. There’s something about this confusing, unnatural task of not tasking myself that I can’t wrap my heart around. But you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! Our whole American existence slams the false necessity of workaholic self-sufficiency down our throats from day one. Now, please don’t misunderstand me. This is not a defense for slothfulness. I just want to paint the steep curve I slip on each day in an attempt to give you an accurate description of my prayer need. I think that I am at a crossroad of worthless BUSYNESS and productive SABBATH, and I need the discernment to walk the latter. Please help me, and perhaps yourself in the process, to stay in rich accountability and seek Christ more through prayer and deep study. My wife and I have so much opportunity in this waxing season to grow and step into adventurous, dangerous faith. My desire, past my constant distraction and failings, is to explore new riches in the Holy Spirit’s love and authority. Please pray that I finally learn to trust in the infinite power of an hour in His Presence over a month in independence.

-Covered in Grace —-Grady Milligan


Didn't even know I could blog on here haha.

How is everybody! I just want to say that the people that have supported me over this year have made the world of difference.

And since Adam and Chris joined in November, you all have done nothing but lift our spirits and give us all the more reason to be thankful to the Holy Spirit's work in this mission.

Be blessed, stay tuned for itunes release around July 13th, and I suppose I'll blog more purposefully here soon!