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So far we are confirmed to play the Road to Undercover festival and The Albury Music festival and possibly wait for it.... .. . Guilfest!!!

We are still plugging on with our new material, so far we have Feeling Rubbish, No One Cares and Always forward. So rapidly approaching the stage where will be inevitably take over and make waves with our never heard brand of New & Original music :)


We are looking forward to the photos taken by Sophie at our gig last friday night at the grey horse. A sweaty chaotic noisefest that was perfect to kick things off for The Scintillas in Kingston! woo hoo


That's right it has begun. All the sets have been put together. All of the story ironed out. Characters made. Now just for the very hard bit the actual animation . . . Keep your eyes peeled for that one 'You Don't Want to' Animated vid

bring it on . . .

Output Output . . .

You may have noticed that we are just releasing tune after tune at the moment? well this is because we have spent some considerable time working on a new set and EP. Literally just as we neared completion and started booking gigs our drummer left. I know nightmare! It has taken the wind out of our sails a bit as we worked so hard to have it all polished and up to standard. But looking forward, you can expect a truckload of material to be both written and produced in the time it takes us to find a drummer, as we work better under pressure and we will not allow this minor set back to blur the focus of our activities. We may well start doing a 3 piece live aspect? Or at least some video of acoustic songs that have for us sat around for a long time. So please keep watching x

How do you like your eggs?


Welcome to our first blog!

It's looking like this year will be a busy one for us. Kicking off with the long anticipated release of our first single Say What You Like together with its homemade stop-motion video which took us 8 months to complete!

PS. We have no experience in stop-motion animation... which might be evident. You be the judge!