Blood Retribution EP

Nekropsy latest release 3-1-2013 is Blood Retribution EP available on Soundcloud for free streaming and download.

November 6 2012 update

Hello everyone, the past several months have been busy. I am happy to say writing of new material is in the works and things are getting back on track. I will keep you posted as I progress in my journey to the new Nekropsy~Artemortifica

Death Arrival Split promo!

Two malevolent forces combine to bring you Death Arrival Cd split -NEKROPSY/SPIRITUS featuring four tracks by each artist. Available now for only $6.00. get yours today contact nekropsy@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook or myspace.

Nekropsy: 1- Dawn of the Explosions 2- The Oppressed 3- Bed of nails 4- Order for Conflict* (only available on this recording)

Spiritus: 1- At War 2- Angels Bidding 3- Frozen in Time 4- Die

Nekropsy/Spiritus 2011

Update: The new Cd split will be here in just a few days. The cover is now posted in our MS blog. More details coming in the next few days!! ~Nekropsy!

Nekropsy in CHILE!!

We are featured at http://www.metalchile.net/noticias/635-pankra.html check out the link see what is all about!

New music posted!

World premier - new Nekropsy song exclusive to RN "Order for Conflict"

Update new video!

Check out all the footage from BBF 2009 up now on Youtube!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCLA2p-WmWs Download my songs free right here at RN. Big shout out to all the people who came to support on 2-4-11 you guys made it an awesome evening!!

Show announcement and world release "Meathook to the Spine"

We will be playing live at Ye Olde Town Inn Mount Prospect IL 2-4-2011 if you live in the area come join us. Meathook to the Spine Live has just been released at Youtube come check it out!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n35yL401PQ

new Downloads and video

Hi everyone here's our update for 2011 All the songs here at RN are now ready for download, plus we added a new video! Come visit us and check them out!!

Live Show Review from Nite Cap Lounge 2-13-10

By Skull, for Metal Flow Through My Veins: