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Forthcoming album Metaphor

_ Metaphor is the aptly named forthcoming album from Saklad, due to the many levels of meaning most songs can be taken. Consider Darlin Stay, a slower balad begging your lover to stay over, and also about staying in this life (visions of Lennon's last moments- 2nd verse about "floating upstream" and his word "[Oh] Darlin"). _ Both the happiest song, All I Want, and saddest, co-write with Kim De Meo, Only Always, w brother Howard playing Taps behind a funeral song, fall together. Doug Grigsby, bassist & producer extraordinare, heard All I Want (Caribbean influences) early in the process, "...the happiest song I've ever heard!" before ending with uptempo In The Hush, lyrics & sung by De Meo again. _ "Yes, there's always been a subject/ story connecting the songs for each album: Spellbound- about inspiration, SAKLAD- about finding me, & now Metaphor." What ties further bind these 11 creations? Starting w Shit Hides, then Old Man Shoes we are acknowledging some truths are never understood yet unify us all. #3 Colors Faded has been pre-released Fall 2015- performed at Dobbs (South St, Phila. before closing it's doors again) about the melancholy of dear ones who've passed underscoring late Fall, just before the holidays. _ Next up, Pockets- like The Byrds' "So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star", Larry describes the process of songwriting- "finding the words like catch the tail of the bird" & subsequent putting together the band, learning to play in the "pocket"- groove, "lock it"- tempo & "plug"ging it all "the bitch", into the music machine "socket". Admittedly, it sure sounds like an abusive relationship, but no, all Metaphorical! _ Many songs fall in pairs- More Storms a-Comin & Before the Flood speak of the future- people must come together to "fix this before the flood". _ Every Time relays the excitement 1st realizing how the heart jumps each time seeying her or him entering the room, that inner smile when you just know this is love! Funky too- Mike Tyler, guitar God, heard it- "wow... sounds black!" _ Genres range from classic & alt rock (Pink Floyd, Lennon, Peter Gabriel) w/ a modern edge incorporating new textures & mix, to Americana, Folk, Funk & Electronic/ Dance influences. Saklad has put together a diverse collection drawing from '70s '80s '90s Philly, but forging a fresh updated sound w/ lyrics that resonate, current for today!

_ More info, release date & shows~ sakladmusic.com [promo by KidGrin Records, LLC]

Colors Faded now w/ Trumpet new Mix!

Dear friends, though I recently wrote about my new song, Colors Faded ©2015, at the time there was no plan to remix, but how things have changed~ my brother, Howard, has performed a special trumpet trak beyond my highest exptectations. It thrills me after all the years & miles (Israel), that we are able to join forces once again, the first time back when beginning piano, he wrote a 6 hand on 1 piano peice~ S.A. which we all 3 brothers played, incl Steve (LA).     So, here is the latest mix with Howard's trumpet blended w/ my Synth. This mix is also the strongest of all, and know you'll agree, so please take a listen, pass it on, share & request at radio~ indie, americana, alternative, folk & folk rock, pop, Christmas songs, etc.     It is the first in a bunch of new songs about to release in 2016, so do stay tuned,     sincerely Larry, avail~ http://saklad.bandcamp.com/track/colors-faded http://sakladmusic.com

Last Sprint til April 1st!

    Lately, even I get to wondering if/when my [sorta] new album might be done. Boy crying wolf is an understatement, since my 1st deadline for release 6 months ago, but...     ... each mix is better than it's last, so round & round I go. Well in the last weeks I've come across so many phase issues & hi-pass too high, distortion requiring new trax, on & on.     I must, at all costs, offer the highest quality possible- especially for my future listens (I can't listen to much of SAKLAD album '10 for all my rcdg/mixing errors & oversites, though strong songwriting.) Spellbound has been both my best public work/writing to date, & my doctorate in the art of recording/mixing songs at higher than demo quality: competetive for today's ears. As I think about the 40+ yr quest to achieve this, my HS Senior project wasn't so different exept a musician friend recorded me w 10 songs to 4 trak reel to reel (1 2nd stereo trk- allowing just vocals, guitar, piano/organ)- still have the 2 trk reel...     This last leg of the process hasn't been a straight line, I wrote another whole album, mostly recorded too, fueling much of the remixing as I learned more, understood concepts, listened better, conceived fresher ideas, incorporated EDM & dub flavors into my soup.     Truth is, to be the best songwriter, we must know & make use of today's tools, sounds, tech, and to be producer, engineer & mixer, even if just to jot down concepts for future "pro" recordings.     Though my mixing has been about 10yrs progress, the writing goes back to 10yrs old, so all my life, as far back as memory serves, been about love for music! Yes, still hold faith that the cream will rise. ps- oh yeh, so we hope to finish April fools!

My Dilemma...

...at last count living with 18 songs, 7 of 10 published online, 3 to finalize for this long awaited album, Spellbound, including that titled song: yet there's no simple solution to completing release of both Spellbound & yet-to-be named 8+ more songs, many already performed at current & recent shows. ~ There was a time not long ago when I had such a back log of songs to do, never doubted I would release them as close to being recorded as possible, & then as close to their inception. Well now I find myself ahead of my release plan, & ready for an 18 song cd of 2 albums worth (remixes on constant rotation in my car)! ~ But wouldn't that overload you as listener? So I implore you, in this day-n-age when 3- 5 song EPs are the going fare, how would you feel about an 18 song grand CD release of what may prove to be a truly spellbound album called SPELLBOUND?? An epic CD without intention of full playback in one sitting, but some now, again later & again. ~ Ultimately I aim to give every song idea a chance to spring free on wings carefully painted, for tugging all your heartstrings; find in these words wonder, comfort, longing, joy, tears & love, in resonance with your life vibrations, melodies striking both familiar & fresh chords & rhythms. Maybe even rekindle how each of us feels back when pop music discovery is everything, how it draws you in deeper, one on one yet shared & reveled & sung together without a care! "Keep me Spellbound". ~ ps ~ 'course, you'll be the 1st to hear about my decision! stay tuned

Don't Want Fans, Seeking...

~ Don't want fans; seeking music appreciators thirsting for fresh original songs with a current sound, yet an ear to familiar rock-pop-folk foundations- a sound built on the history & soul of pop culture but looking toward the future, crossover ready. Lyrics describe both serious & light subjects, predominantly include elements of hope told personally with authentic words that resonate on many levels. ~ Most "fans" are all about the artist, their news worthy story, social status & laundry, in contrast to music appreciators who are more interested in the artist's creations & the impact on them in an emotional, intellectual & visceral way. Have the recordings faithfully captured all the innuendo of a live show, and visa versa? Pure gut level reaction that relies less on spectacle, more on connection thru artistry, words & performance, would be the kind of audience attracted to Saklad songs.

Sak-Lab Song Recipe

~ It's not that I haven't had these 10+ songs written, recorded and performed over some years now, since SAKLAD '10. But behind the scenes in what has been coined the "Sak-Lab" I have been learning the fine art of cooking up a song- not just the writing but also the production to wring out all the impact & emotion.

~ Yes, I had a huge learning curve plus it's only a "project" studio- most of my efforts are built "in the box", the point being I now needed to bring the songs full circle to fruition, and to be competetive in the pro market or no one listens. Sure, it started late '90s, a 4 trak porta-studio, ugh- having to stripe 1 trak w/ sync tone to play in time to synthesizers (midi), and I could get a guitar & 2 vocals (or bounced for 2 more)... Fast forward to '04 with a daunting bunch of songs (old & new) to record into Cakewalk, the strongest of which ended up on Yet2B '06 (an album I'd never listen to again & copies still), but the songs were dear.

~ Immediately, I set out working on the 2010 collection and performing everywhere I could- countless open mics & showcases. New friends included Wein (Wayne) Hsu, a gifted musician/ producer, instrumental in making Salt In My Coffee the brilliant recording & notable single still getting airplay.

~ So now, 7 years mixing my originals, currently w/ Sonar X1 (I know, PC guy, I build 'em), something has clicked recently w/ so much online learning from Dave Pensado, Home Recording, etc. It tickles me how good this "food" is tasting- this cook is maybe starting to chef! Yeh, nearly every day for this last year, I have been mixing & remixing, experimenting & fine tuning both my ears & these new songs- why finally I am releasing them, 1 every week, Tuesdays now thru March at least, Spellbound album to follow late Spring!

~ Some shows are now being added to perform my new album, Spellbound, the first comfirmed on Fri April 11 @ Dobbs (& friends Roger Silverberg +). Stop over http://sakladmusic.com for all the latest & do listen!

2014 begins...

...following our most successful celebrations of Alan Mann [rip] & song Christmas On The Block, both with WXPN's early support of our 30th anniv recording & filmed full house sing-along 12/22 at Dobbs on South St.

But no basking in the glory long, readying final mixes of now 15 songs, many played live this past yr, 3 just created- newest Only Always is special, being a live solo Kim De Meo's lyrics, but touches on our deepest universal pain of loss. Unfortunately well timed as I learn of another friend...

So, we have a plan, hope you all get on board as I release a new mix every Tues thru March at least!! Yes, starting with our even better All Of Sudden next Tuesday Feb 11, then Up On The Bluffs, What If. The "new" stuff starts coming in March- Leap Of Faith, You Said My Name, Don't You See & Oh Philadelphia '14. If all goes as planned, we should have the whole Spellbound album (& song by that name) soon after.

That's the short of it! And it's important because only after this can I begin sharing my very newest writing- already 5 songs and counting (one needs words) that are even more exciting & fresh, maybe even ahead of the wave, hoping! This is where I'm heading this year, looking forward.

*ps~ look for roots Reggae band Sacred Vibration shows, I'm keyboards since '12, Anthony Curry, Doug Grigsby +

Spellbound Album- New Rcdg Process

A newly conceived process I’ve recently been using recording my songs is now even a major part of their inception! Before describing the general concept let me state, I’m certainly not the 1st to adapt to the cutting edge of music creation, both in electronic sound creation and the processing of sampled instruments or anything recordable. But through out my piano/keyboard playing/exploration, sampling and sequencing have always been the common learning curve, even before digital ignited the whole landscape.

For most of the last decade I’ve been developing my recording and producing skills, currently finishing work on my next album (3rd), Spellbound, after 2 years of dedicated writing, recording, mixing, redo, redo. And as I looked for some more spice and character bits & pieces- sounds to play live also, I looked to expand my soft-synths collection- early on came across a few newest with built in sequencers, quickly adapted to 32 step rhythm patterns, usually 3 separate sound sources all triggered together while adjusting faders on all sorts of filter freq & Q, pulse width mod & other variables while recording these ever changing atmospheres at the tempo for specific songs, and retuned to that song’s key. Because of the extremely pulsed or chopped outcome, this sound is more akin to drums or electronic percussion, and I further decimate the original waveform, usually bitcrushing or grainyacking it, finally actually carving out chunks thru volume envelopes, etc.

How’s it sound? Listen for yourself to this unexpected result, Up On The Bluffs is the 2nd song adv released, posted below & http://saklad.bandcamp.com with what appear to be hand drums, but they’re not! I have done dozens even more adventurous and edgy, have even created a whole future song around this process with inspiring results, but my intrigue involves merging all this with my favorite genre- Rock, which to me, has become stale, holding too tightly to the classic sound, forgetting that once upon a time it was the cutting edge for trying all the “newest” ideas out. I applaud all the genres that have embraced & pioneered & championed the new sounds & this cause, to pave the way for us older statesmen of the music scene, but also for the masses of listeners who have embraced this very danceable stuff! So it is time, and ripe for the pickin’!

Is My Song Recording Finished?

_ So when is a song recording done- mixed & ready for the mastering & pressing + distribution? I asked this again earlier this week to see the responses since here I was again doing the umteenth remix of Up On The Bluffs for upcoming album Spellbound, yet knowing as I went about tweaking the sound of almost every track, this would be even better than last time. _ The easy answer to this question is never, but it avoids dealing with a very real challenge- every time I learn a new trick or try a new chain of efx, or address phase issues (oh yeh) after a troubling eq problem, I want to do it to all my previous recordings! So here we are, I keep pushing back the release date, more pleased than ever with the mixes of the 10+ songs (until next week when I need more snare here and tame the wild sub-bass there)! Not to mention, I still have some vocals & guitar work to do, more keyboards spice… and a sax, yeh… and no listening to the muse for new songs, NO!! _ I don’t believe there is a hard and fast rule to assess when an original song recording is ready, but I do know I get a feeling, not just the goose-bumps, but a sensing that it’s starting to jell, like when cooking- and you just smell this wonderful ripe aroma, right then it’s time to turn off the heat. Yes, a good analogy, because it’s really easy to burn eggs, for example, but just one moment before that, supurb! And then I play it for all my closest friends, critique cruelly you guys, I need the ass-whipping incentive to go back, you guessed it, and mix it again :) _ It ain’t done til it’s pressed, and I hope soon too!

ps~ further delays, all my final cd designs in pagemaker have been lost last month (computer glitch), now in the process of re-creating (possible re-design too)

Why Dine at My Songwriter Table?

~ In spite of wearing my influences like hearts on my sleeve, what I bring to the singer-songwriter table is so much more. Arts are my middle name, not just music or writing or performing, but visual, theatrical, photographic and sculptural all, and don't leave out parenting- possibly the most challenging but also rewarding of all talents.

~ So where do we draw the line on what's worthy of our attention, and however that line is drawn, why would anyone else be interested or inspired or find value in it? Certainly everyone has a right, even obligation to create content, whether it be to incite revolution against an oppressive state or lull us or our kids into peaceful sleep, to twist our insides tighter during a horror movie or to wring every last tear of joy over a long lost love, even just a memorable singalong to make us feel good.

~ Well, I for one, of all the art prescriptions, think a great song is the best medicine. Think of me as that mad scientist, perhaps sorcerer, concocting yet another finger to tickle you, another spice to burn your tongue, another incite to wrinkle the tissues of your brain further for definite yet unmeasurable benefit. But not in some sort of manufactured generic way; my writing comes from actual experience- there is no faking maturity or seeing the big picture in contrast to my naive youth. My art is a true composite of then and now, along with everything in between, and the realization that I'm always thinking about it, always, as my hardwired commitment. It can not be denied or ignored, and it puts all my trust back into your hands and hearts, along with God.

~ Just maybe this one ray of hope shines a light where there's still shadow and doubt, and how I do place my faith.