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Randy Sauer joins Empty Vessel Music Matter Project

Randy Sauer Joins Empty Vessel Music to give Back Artist advocates The Music Matters Project - giving at risk youth FREE Music education, appreciation and intervention in America's inner cities. (Hays, Kansas) 2011 -- Randy Sauer announced today the partnership with Empty Vessel Music. EV is a 501(c)3 For Impact music company providing at risk and under served children in the inner city with FREE music education, appreciation and intervention through a program called The Music Matters Project. “We are thankful that Randy is making a real IMPACT with their music.” says Gerry Van Mansfeld, EV's Executive Director. “It's sometimes rare to find an up and coming artist so willing to be a voice for a good cause.” The concept behind The Music Matters Project and its mentor centric program addresses some of the major obstacles to a child's social development in under served urban areas. These obstacles include gang activity, economic depravity, drug abuse, lack of self-worth, loss of hope, loss of aspirations and mental health issues. Randy encourages his fan base to sponsor a child in the program with a sponsorship of $25.00 or more per month to help provide the child a musical instrument, lessons and mentor ship. The goal of Empty Vessel Music is to increase the program to reach 1500 children in each of its service areas. Randy is helping the program raise 200K per location per year to accomplish this goal. “Music has always been a way to address social issues”, says Randy “Entertainers and Artist have always been at the forefront in drawing attention to these issues and their fans are eager to help IMPACT their world through music.”

Our School Is Number One Song

This song has really taken off. I have many schools ordering this song. It is great to see my songs do so well. Thank you to all that have bought my music!!!