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Battle of the Bands ~ Austin Floodfest

Hey everyone! So....some of u may already know that my band The Robotix is in the Battle of the Bands powered by Ernie Ball hoping for a chance to play at Austin's Floodfest 2015. We currently have the 3rd highest Buzz Rating!! Before today, The Robotix were not showing up on the website's charts or search feature yet we were still able to increase our rating to hang on to the 3rd highest spot - THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!! The glitches have been fixed and now with your continued support - everyone will see why The Robotix deserve a spot on this stage! Thanks again everyone & now let's get this thing to 90%! Please go to our Battle of the Bands profile page at the link below and PLEASE VOTE, COMMENT, LISTEN TO OUR SONGS, WATCH OUR VIDEOS and SHARE our band profile page! The more activity on our page, the higher our rating climb! We can't do this without ur support so help us ROCK THE VOTE!! http://austin.battleofthebands.com/u/TheRobotix ‪#‎FLOODFEST‬ ‪#‎TEAMROBOTIX‬ PS...please stop by our band page on Facebook and give it a LIKE https://www.facebook.com/TheRobotix?fref=ts and become a fan on our Reverbnation page! http://www.reverbnation.com/therobotix

Big News! I'm featured in June's issue of US Rockstar Magazine!

I'm really proud to announce that I was featured in the June issue of US Rockstar Magazine. If u missed picking one up on newsstands, you can check out the online version of my story here at this link! Hope u like it! Please do me a favor and subscribe to this great new magazine! http://www.usrockstarmagazine.com/on-line-mag.html

Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival Contest!

Hey everyone...ok, so most of you have probably already noticed that I've entered a contest that is sponsored by Ernie Ball which could possibly give me the amazing opportunity to perform LIVE as the opening act for the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival at Madison Square Garden in NYC! This would be a dream come true for me, but I can't do it without your help! Its not an easy contest so it takes a little effort of your part. Heres how it works. Basically, how a contestant (ME) moves up the ranks depends on what they call your "BUZZ Rating" What's a buzz rating? Well, basically its how many people are visiting and commenting on my contest profile page. Stopping by, leaving comments, and adding your name to the list of fans who are supporting me, really helps a lot. While you are on my profile, its also really helpful to view my photos, watch my video, and listen to my music track. But what really helps send my BUZZ rating thru the roof, is the amount of times the link to my contest profile gets shared out there on all the social networking sites!! So, please, help me out by taking a few minutes to reach out to those who are closest to you and post my link directly onto your friends pages. Ask them to help out by visiting my profile and by sharing it with a few of their close friends. If you're on Twitter, feel free to tweet about me and share my link there. Another great way to help me right now is if you invite new fans to join my Facebook Music page (@Alex Rocks!!) So please ask your friends to stop by and give my page a "LIKE" What ever your preference, the key it to keep buzzing and getting my name out there. Thats the only way my buzz rating will increase and will help me climb up in the rankings. Its been a slow climb but I have a great bunch of really amazing fans who are working hard to help give me the boost I need to reach the next level. Right now I've almost reached a 70% buzz rate, but that didn't come without a lot of hard work and dedication from all of you guys who have been helping. But thats not enough so now, its GAME ON!! We don't have much time and we need to boost my ratings up to 90%. Once I've reached 90% and can stay there in that spot without my buzz rate dropping, thats when I am actually in the running to be looked at by the celebrity judges. So please, I'm asking for your support! Help me ROCK my ratings thru the roof and help give me a chance to make my dream come true. I know its a long shot, but with u guys by my side, nothing is impossible. And, if I don't make it there, then it sure was fun trying and I'll just keep on rockin' on! I cant tell u how much I appreciate all the luv an support so far. Let's keep it going! Madison Square Garden...HERE I COME!!! Click here to show your support!! http://www.playcrossroads.com/u/AlexRocks

NAMM 2013!!

Well, today starts day 1 of the 2013 winter NAMM show! This is one of the biggest events of the year for me. NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) is the biggest, baddest International Trade Show in the music industry! Everybody who is anybody in the music industry attends. Last year over 900,000 people attended! I feel very privileged to be here because its the hottest ticket around and not just anyone can attend. So, you might be wondering how I get to attend. Well, in case u didn't know, I have an artist endorsement with one of the largest guitar manufactures in the world, Samick Music Corporation. I am actually considered their youngest endorser, which is pretty cool! I'm really honored to play these awesome guitars and be affiliated with such a great group of people who are always there for me to help guide me on this journey! Check this out! http://gregbennettguitars.com/artists/artist-profile-alex-shaw/ As a Samick artist I have the privilege of attending NAMM and even demonstrating their awesome guitars at the Samick booth! I get to meet so many great people in the industry but whats even cooler, I get to meet and mingle with some of my favorite ROCK STARS!! In the last couple years, I've had the privilege of meeting, Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne guitarist, Firewind) Orianthi (Michael Jackson lead guitarist, Alice Cooper) Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Neal Shon (Journey) Stu Hamm (bassist Joe Satriani) Yngwie Malmsteen (one of my guitar idols), Kerry King (Slayer) Lita Ford, Seymour Duncan, Michael Angelo Batio, just to name a few! Well, its time to get going...opening day is just hours away so, let the Rock n' Roll begin!

Make sure you check back for more updates on my 2013 NAMM show experience! And as always, thanx for the support! Rock on! Alex

South Florida Fair!

Me and my bandmates will be rockin' two shows on the Community Stage at the South Florida Fair on Monday January 21, 2013! There's no school so come on out and ROCK the House with us. Showtimes are 3:30 & 5:30!