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DJ Coeur Extasie + DJ Andrian Rack Collabs

Priscilla Angelique has worked on remixes of Peace with beat makers DJ Coeur Extasie (Trance - Ukraine) + DJ Andrian Rack (Progression House - France). Both artists on are ReverbNation so check out their pages. Watch the videos for both tracks via http://www.youtube.com/user/apriscillathing

New Collaborations

I'm currently working on a remixes album. This will feature tracks from DJ Coeur Extasie, DJ Andrian Rack, Major D, Censorble, The Urbanists and more. A number of remixes of Peace by Priscilla Angelique and I'll Fly by the Urbanists will be available for download.

Debut Album 'Positive Digital' released

Priscilla Angelique's debut album called 'Positive Digital' has been released. This is a mainly instrumental dance album, heavily jazz influenced and saturated with electro house beats and tech synths.

The vocal tracks like ‘My Boo’ and ‘Free’ show her more soulful side. Once again every aspect of this project was completed by Priscilla Angelique – from the music production, album artwork and images to the video production.

You can listen to the album sampler on the profile page or via her reverb nation store.

Priscilla Angelique' new single called 'You Don't Seem to Know' released

Summer 2010 sees the release of Priscilla Angelique's summer classic 'You Don't Seem to Know'. This latin feeling dance track was written and produced by Priscilla Angelique and shows her more soulful side. She also produced the accompanying animated video.

Priscilla Angelique's new single I'LL FLY available now

The new self-produced single from Priscilla Angelique called “I’ll Fly” has been released. The single has two versions of the title track.

She also recorded a cover with her group "The Urbanists" and produced five remixes ranging from tracks with gritty synths to ones with cool summer beats.

A mixtape of all seven tracks is available. Simply email the record label at info@apriscillathing.co.uk and a copy will be sent to you for free.

The Technologist EP Now Available

Check out the new EP called 'The Technologist' by Priscilla Angelique. Tracks include 'Free Your Mind', 'Oh Yeah' and 'We Goin' Boogie'. The EP is a selection of urban electronic beats with heavy synthesis and vocal delays. This self-produced EP is slightly edgy yet with a touch of soul.

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Once you've downloaded it refresh the screen and click on the REC button and say what you like about the track.

Stay blessed Priscilla Angelique