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Slovenia trip was a success!

You can read all about my trip at http://www.johnnykoenig.com http://www.facebook.com/partylikeapolkastar

Johnny Koenig Signs Deal with Akord Records; Three Releases Planned

Johnny Koenig has spent most of his life involved in the music business. His professional music career is reaching a new high with the recent signing of his first recording contract. Koenig is going back to the roots of his musical background, and signed with a label in Slovenia – Akord Records. The 25 year old New York City native, now living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been performing professionally since the age of fifteen. Influenced by his father, he first picked up the accordion at age five and received instruction from a private teacher. In 2007, Koenig released “The New Kid In Town”, his debut CD which received attention from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame. “One day while sitting in my office, I got a call from an international phone number”, Koenig said. Attributing it to a wrong number, Koenig brushed it off and continued to work on songs for his next release. “I then received a couple emails from Dusan Hedl in Slovenia telling me he’s interested in my music”. Johnny was told by Dusan Hedl, owner of Akord Records that Hedl found Koenig by watching a documentary aired on Slovenian television called “Polka! The Movie”. The movie was filmed in Ohio and the surrounding areas, focusing on the history of polka and the current music scene. Koenig can be seen performing with his band and was interviewed in the film, which was shown at various independent film festivals throughout the United States. Koenig will be traveling to Slovenia to begin production on his first of three releases to be completed in the five year contract. “I’m really excited”, says Koenig. “Just for the opportunity to expand my music and take it to new places is a big thrill. Polkas will be the focus, but we’ll be adding some elements from various musical genres to the mix. Hopefully we can bring the polka genre and the accordion back to mainstream culture”. While touring the country with his band performing around forty dates a year, and working on his sophomore release “Party Like a Polkastar”, Koenig maintains a busy schedule working as a paramedic in the Pittsburgh area. “It’s a good balance for me. I work with my two passions – music and medicine. I love it”. Most recently, he teamed up with rock star Ian Lloyd and re-recorded the 1973 Billboard #1 hit, “Brother Louie”. “It was a blast to interpret the song and incorporate the accordion”. The song is available for download on iTunes. For more information, visit Johnny’s website at www.johnnykoenig.com.

JK in NYC!!!

Just confirmed...JK is coming back to NYC! He will be performing a couple "hometown" shows October 5th and 6th at the newly renovated Bier Garden at Plattduetsche Park. Come on out, enjoy some great music and beer!

JK on Reverbnation!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Johnny Koenig's reverbnation page! The one place to stay in tuned to all of the band's happenings! It's only a week into the new year, and there's already tons of things on our plate for this coming year! Look forward to many gigs throughout the country, as well as a new CD containing many originals! Don't forget...there will be many special guests too! And that's just the beginning...much more to come! Stay tuned! JK