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The last thing I wanna hear, is scream in my ears…………………….if you are a Singer, that which is inside will come out naturally. What is in the heart will always manifest itself regardless. Don’t compare it or confuse it with HATE!

MUSIC is a feel good sensation as well. Whether you work, sing or play hard, let that sensation be great to yah!

My Question to the "WORLD" Music Blog

Good Music is never good until it satisfies your soul. Summons: Love Music v/s Sex Music. What the “WORLD” wants to hear? Love Music, I’m in love or thinking about being in Love. It’s a good feeling for a change. Sex Music, Oh Yeah, I wanna hear what you wanna do to me and how much you wanna do it to me all day, every day. Perhaps even with others…. (Swingers, swapping, ménage a trios). We tell children not to listen to that kind of music, but we’re in the clubs “Bumping and Grinding”. What the “WORLD” would rather hear? I sing damn great Music from my heart and soul it’s refreshing and healing. From young to old, heartbreak to healing, happy to sad, it soothes me. Perhaps there are many who want the opposite of that. Maybe still to think on the terms of Hating, Killing, Sexing, Who got what, when, how and the infamous “The Bling”. That’s good and well, if that’s ALL you desire in (The Flesh). Oh No, but the Record Companies don’t want soft, relaxing, classic Music anymore. Keep it Rough, Rugged and Raw……Sex SELLS! Lots of great Inspired Artist, with great Music are still trying to get seen, heard and have their Music played, but that’s a fight all by itself. What the “WORLD” already accepted in hearing? Everything and anything, but the “TRUTH”. Please and let’s not go there about the “WORD OF GOD”, the two don’t go together………and leave that for Sundays. This is “REALITY” right? Ok……Well we got more Reality Shows than I can count, with more crap that’s based on personal behaviors, but we can’t even keep people in their homes and keep people employed…..WOW. Let’s just ALL lower our standards, don’t stand up for something, but fall for anything. Oh, oh, because it sounds good and it will SELL. What the “WORLD” still PREFERS? You tell me……….It’s plenty of TRASH in the WORLD, take out yours! Yeah that’s the jam, the cut……n***a, Oh girl that’s my song……this song is the sh***********t!