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The Book is out!

"North Florida Folk Music: History and Tradition" is finally out! Published by History Press and is available on Amazon. Check it out!

Here comes the 2014 FFF!

Only a few weeks away now, the Florida Folk Festival is beginning to take form, both physically at White Springs and in my own preoccupation and thoughts. I am not alone. Lots of people play these type of shows and festivals but very few venues are actually historical in the true sense of the word. Its a big deal. Our friend Dale Crider will be celebrating his 50th year playing this festival, I'm sure they'll have some acknowledgement about that from the mainstage, and well deserved. I'll be joined this year by Eroc Hendel (Frank Thomas' great-great nephew), Cindy Bear, Linda Pottberg, and of course our old friend Ron Spencer on bass. His friend Susan Staton may be joining us on fiddle as well. Should be a diverse set, to say the least. BTW, the book is done now, at least for my part. Finished the Index and Bibliography, etc etc and did a little last minute nip and tuck but off she goes to History Press for publication. God knows what they'll think of it... Finally, I'm in love again which always helps. Thank you Janice for being there and thank you for loving me. "...just as sure as the birds fly high above/Life ain't worth livin' without the one you love..." Dink's song. Look it up. Until next time!! R-a-s-t-a!

My New Book!

History Press has contracted with me to write a book entitled "A History of Folk Music in North Florida." Of course I'm thrilled for the opportunity and in addition to the text, I have to collect my own photos, 70 of them, to supplement the writing. They only want 35-40k words (about 120 pages) so it'll be an over view, not really a detailed account. Still, writing a history takes on a certain obligation to "get it right", so we're forever optimistic. The book has to be finished no later than the first weekend in May, 2014. Gulp.

The NFFN Festival

The NFFN Festival is coming up Nov. 8th and 9th. It will be held at the Flamingo RV Park in Jacksonville. Friday, Nov. 8th includes a song contest and we will be giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes for that. ig show on Saturday Nov. 9th. All the info is on our website: www.nffolk.com Check it out!!

Viva! Florida!

Lots of cool stuff happening since we've gone to a more solo act. We've added two new songs including "Viva! Florida!" a tie in to the 500th year celebration of Florida history. Our friend Chris Stone of Christopher Stone Videos has made us a new video on "Viva! Florida!" which we have linked from YouTube to this site, so check it out! I met some of the crew on the El Galeon, an exact replica of Ponce de Leon's ship and we shared the new video with them. They've written back that they "love the song" and have actually sung it themselves on the ship. Thanks guys! VIva!

Looking forward to the Florida Folk Festival!

The Florida Folk Festival will be held Memorial Day weekend, May 24th, 25th and 26th @ White Springs in Stephen Foster State Park. I'll be on the Gazebo on Friday, the main stage (Ampitheatre) on Saturday and on Sunday it's the Song and Story stage. We will be sharing the Friday stage with our good friend Bettina Makley, then with Cindy Bear and Linda Pottsburg Saturday and also Ken Connors on Sunday. If youre there, come look us up!

Up-coming gigs!

Just fyi, we'll be out at The Top Sail State Park in Santa Rosa County in the panhandle on April 18th, a Thursday, beginning at 7 pm, followed by a gig at Roberts Hall on April 20th near Panama City. This is a string of gigs put on by our friends Maggie & Mike of Lucky Mud. Also the Barberville Spring Frolics are April 27 & 28th this year, always a good time. Finally the 61st Florida Folk Festival is Memorial Day weekend (in May!) at White Springs. Y'all com'on out!

I won the Fernandina Beach Song Contest!

Good to see you again! I'm proud to announce I won the Fernandina Beach "Florida House" Song Contest for April. They gave us a theme, "Promises," so I pulled out an older song of mine, "Broken Promises" and re-wrote a few of the lyrics and by golly, out of more than a dozen entries, I won! $100 too. Of course that just about paid for gas there and back, lol! Next month's contest will be May 2nd and this month's theme is "What's Next"! If you're in the neighborhood, com'on out and see if lightning strikes twice!

Will McLean Festival!

March 8, 9th & 10th are the days of the Will McLean Festival. It'll be the first Florida/Festival appearance of "The Ron Johnson Project"! Make plans and com'on out!

The last "Ron & Mary" CD now available on CD Baby

Ron & Mary's CD "Vitamin Sea" is now available on CD Baby, along with our previous two CD's "My Florida" and "Sunshine State of Mind." That means we're also popping up on other venues like I Heart Radio, etc etc. Recommended downloads incl. "Emily Rose," "Ordinary Broken Heart," "Rasta Truck Driver," and "After the Storm." We saved our best for last!!