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Why are we here?

The universe is a reflection of your fragmented consciousness. You are looking in the mirror. Do you like what you see? I'm a deep thinker and have been on a search for the truth in all aspects of life. And I have found many of the answers. The truth is out there. Actually it is in us. I am into being healthy and fit. I don't believe that means I'm narcissistic, just that I want to take care of this house I'm living in at the moment. This doesn't mean that I don't like to party and have a good time. I'm spontaneous and enjoy deep intricate movies, but at the same time can enjoy cartoons and movies like american wedding. I'm an athlete and enjoy sports, but not obsessed. I would not choose to watch a game over good company and people. I'm very passionate about everything I believe in and everything I do, but at the same time I'm not judgmental. I'm very open,sensitive and affectionate. I love animals. I have done everything from professional acting and singing and producing 3 muscial cd's of my own music, to teaching seminars on the brain and quantum physics to working on the farm. I am a teacher, but those who are truly educated are self-taught life long learners. Einstein said that true education is everything you remember after what you have forgotten everything you learned in school. Education is also one's perspective. A higher perspective makes previous education obsolete, even though it was a necessary step to that higher perspective. Everything, including wisdom, is relative to perspective. This is why we should never judge one another for any reason in any situation...