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Thank You

I'd like to say Thank You to everyone who has showed my page support up to this point. I have been a membe for a month now and I am close to the Top 10 in my area which is big for me. I hope you all continue to visit the page, listen to the music, and I will be added a lot of pictures soon. I am pleased to announce the album is 1/3 finished and is moving along well. Stay Tuned as I will be posting updates. Thank You All!!! #PeyceNation

New to the City

Hello Boston. I am an artist new to your area. I am looking for any connections that will help transform my career. I hail from Florida but I have the talent to coexist with Emcees up top. You can check out my music and it will speak for itself. I am available for features, bookings, ghostwriting, etc. I can reached at therealpeyce@gmail.com and if we are really talking Funds you can reach me at 617-233-0943, only serious inquiries please Time is Money, I wont waste yours and ask that you don't waste mine. Thanks for the support and look out for my new single and EP coming soon!

Studio Session

Hello World!!! The big home Haywire & your favorite artist Peyce will be in the lab tonight creating more music for your listening pleasure. They have been working together about a month now and everything they touch is "Fire". Tonight will be no exception. Look for new music coming soon from Peyce. The single is in process and has everyone on our end excited hope you feel the same. Don't forget to check out the Peyce Store, https://www.reverbnation.com/store/store/artist_3044565?item_type=music where you can get high quality music for under $1.00. Peyce is working hard for you guys so show your appreciation by supporting him. Thanks #PeyceNation.

New Single Coming Soon

Hello World!!! Just got word from the big homey Haywire that we are set to work on my new single. We have a few songs to choose from which is always a good thing. We will be in the Studio Thursday putting in major work towards the project. "Mind Made Up" and "Dollar and a Dream" are among the top choices. Stay posted for details