New demo done. Getting covers ready.

Thanks for waiting! Special thanks to JL Studio for the fantastic job he did with up on this recording and thanks to Luigis pizza. Mmm.... More track to come!

Warped Tour-Battle of the Bands 2014

Battle of the Bands? How about all you Sinners vote for us, have those you know vote for us so we can take the stage at the Warped Tour and Battle all the bands there. Bring it.

New material will be posted soon.

Seriously. Sounds nothing like what we have posted here but retains the same PRAISE THE SINNER sound. We are excited. Keep checking back here for updates. Thanks

A note on the 3 tracks listed here.

Lyrics for Born Of Bad Blood and Justified were written by Ken Ebersole from PROSODY. Bass on all three tracks were handled by Chris Mitchell. Everything else is PRAISE THE SINNER.