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The Glass shatters. The pieces are everywhere. The masterpiece called life is destroyed. The broken pieces everywhere are overwhelming. Time, dedication, heart, and soul all lay in the brokenness of the masterpiece called life. Where to begin? What is the first step? Many unanswered questions swirling in the whirlwind of chaos in the mind of the individual of brokenness. The bottom has never felt as lonely and low as it does in the brokenness of life. Although all seems lost at the bottom; at the bottom there is only one way to go and that is up. It’s time to REFOCUS. There is always a positive opportunity in the crisis that occur in life. There is always a remedy in the broken pieces. The broken pieces of life are a set stage for the God of the universe to walk in and give new life, fresh hope, and a restored masterpiece. It’s time to REFOCUS. When we as the people of God are broken that is when God is the closest. In the broken hearts of God’s people, God is able to heal and fill them with His love. No matter how broken your life may be; there is enough room for Jesus to heal and fill your broken life with his love. It’s time to REFOCUS.

2014 "Reflection"

First, I would like thank my God for another great year without Him, there is no me. Nothing is possible in my own works but with God on my side what is impossible? Nothing! Second I would like to thank all my family, friends, and fans for supporting me throughout all my 2014 endeavors. This year seemed to go quickly now that we're at the end but as I sit here and reflect back it really was a long year. There were many good times and some not so good times but I can still say with a smile on my face "God is good" and I really mean that. This year God has truly enlarged my territory and certainly stretched my faith. Although there were growing pains I'm thankful. God has enlarged my territory through the diversity of events, people, and favor accompanied me throughout this year of my life. I performed at many events this year big stages and small stages but they all held the same value “life” and I am blessed to be a part of all The Lord accomplished through the ministry He placed in me. My faith was tried many times and sometimes I felt I didn’t have the strength to complete some of the things I started in The Lord but in my weaknesses that’s when I realized His strength to be sufficient. One of the greatest accomplishments of the year was “Street Jam Tour 2014”. Thousands of people came to know the Lord and recommit their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Tour visited Boling, Bay City, El Campo, Needville, and Wharton, all locations in Texas. Big shout out to the Street Jam Tour team you guys and ladies rock. Without your help and commitment the task would have been that much harder. Again thank you, thank you, and thank you. As a team countless of lives were touched and changed forever all glory to our God. As the New Year is on the horizon again I say thank you to all my friends, family, and fans for all your support, encouraging words, and love. This year was good and I believe the New Year will be even better. Thank you for being a part of my 2014 and I look forward to you being a part of my 2015. My new mix tape will be coming early in the new year so stay tuned and connected until then…Much love, gratitude and honor from me to you. Sincerely, AZ

The Hope of Humanity.

Life is hard and the struggle is real. There are uncertainties everywhere and security is hard to find these days. The unpredictable occurs on every corner and chaos is normal to the everyday life. It is very easy to give up, throw in the towel and throw a pity party in this life of sorrow many experience today. There are people today who think no one cares about their life. These same people believe life would probably be better without them. Many of these individuals go through the struggle daily but feel no one understands and they have no one to turn too. Hope has become vague and faith has become another byword. The truth is society has become hope-less. Yes, hope-less. But… There is Hope. Again, I say there is Hope. We think of hope as something to believe in, something to bring us the desires of our hearts, something to bring us the change our souls yearn for in this weary land. Hope drives us to want more in life, hope gets us through the day knowing it will get better but where has it gone. The reality is Hope is still here; the truth is Hope is alive. Jesus Christ is our hope, our only true hope. Jesus came to change the fate of the world, to give life more abundantly, and to save all men. Just as Jesus is the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15), he also is the image of Hope in a hope-less generation. Hope has become vague today because the voice of hope has become almost silent. And the hands and feet of hope have become idle. But… Today is a new day, with new beginnings, and a fresh breeze of hope in the atmosphere. Trust Christ today who is the Hope of humanity and let him give you the desires of your heart, and the change your soul yearns for. Let Him be your Hope.

Where is your Value?

Raising the bar, being innovative, and creating value are important in a continually developing world. When value is created and demand is recognized in a certain area the bar is continually increasing in that area and innovation is unceasing. The investments are big which require long hours of brainstorming, huge amounts of accumulated revenue and countless days and nights of determination. The value of one asset always cost the investment of another. Think about it. The value of a car cost the investment of money. The value of a child cost the investment of a parent’s time and devotion. The value of life cost the investment of the Son of God “ Jesus Christ”. Value denotes something of worth and cherish-able and investment confirms it. John 3:16 declares that “ For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son (Jesus Christ), that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. God saw the value in man and knew a great investment would be needed to confirm it. What you value you invest in and what you invest in you Love (Matthew 6:21). I encourage you today to see the value in God, as He sees in you. Understand that God will provide for you because you are valuable to him (Matthew 6:26). Ask yourself where is your value today, and as you get your answer I hope its on God. See the Value in God, As He sees in you. Love Him, as He first loved you.

OverFlow Living

Enough is never enough a little more always sounds good. Finances are stable but a little more would not hurt. The house is comfortable for the family but a little extra living space sounds even better. The plate is full, the glass is to the brim, but one more bite is needed, and one more swallow to satisfy the appetite. The overflow is desired and longed for in every area of the human life, the overflow is the appetite longing for satisfaction… As sons and daughters of the God of the universe. We were created for the overflow, the true overflow of our God in us. We were created for the overflow of His presence in our daily lives. As we begin to overflow with the presence of God, life begins to flow smoothly even when everything is not smooth. To overflow with the presence of God is to become more like God inwardly and it will begin to show outwardly, the overflow. As we begin to overflow with the presence of God we become more sensitive to the things and nature of God. We begin to Love what he Loves (People), and hate what he hates (Sin). See as He See’s and speak as He speaks. We begin to look more and more like him. We begin to display the image of God “Christ-Likeness”. The presence of God makes all things better, and endurable, and gives everything hope and life. God has called and created us to overflow with His spirit. Never be Lacking in zeal but keep your spiritual passion in serving the Lord (Romans 12:11). Overflow in His presence.


Dreams blow into the heart and mind of man daily just as the wind blows in the earth daily. Goals are set, desire is revving high, diligence is the catalyst, hope the forerunner, all generated from the vision of the dream. The days and work continue just as before…Development is a process all does not look, as it should or how the dream was envisioned in the beginning. The goals begin to seem far-fetched, desire is destitute, diligence is costly, and hope is all that is left. At that moment reality is squeezing every ounce of the dream into the abyss and the dream is on the edge of wishful thinking. Although all seems lost there is still hope. God is faithful and a finisher in all He begins (Philippians 1:6). Remember God called you to the task, God chose you, God predestined you, and God is in control (Romans 8:28-29). It is easy to start something but it takes faith, heart, and determination to finish. Realize that God called you to the task and rest assure, He will lead you to the completion of it. Finish with God, the God dream deposited in you. Stir that flame, passion, and desire, back up, finish (2 Timothy 1:6). If God be for you then who can stop or be against you (Romans 8:31). Finish!

"Righteous Man"

In the unstable culture we live in today it is hard to live a Christian life pleasing to God. Many pressures, and desires pull at us each day. Trials and troubles test the sincerity of our faith. To make it plain it is hard to obey, trust, and believe God. It is hard to be the righteous man we desire to be and are called to be. As Christians we are called to be Holy, just as the one who called us is Holy (1Peter 1:16). But how is it possible? With so many contradictions to the holiness of God in this unstable culture, holiness seems unattainable. The answer is Grace. In a nut-shell Grace is, God living in us. Think about it. If God lives in us, this means we are never alone. This also implies that we do not have to rely solely on our own strength and capabilities but on His. God living in us gives us the power to say no to the contradictions of His holiness and live a righteous life (Titus 2:11-12). The pressure, desires, and troubles surrounding us as a believer today is inevitable but we have the power to overcome. Although we may fall to the pressure from time to time, we only fail if we do not get up (Proverbs 37:24). A righteous man may fall many times but the Grace of God always picks him up (Proverbs 24:16). We are imperfect people being perfected daily by Jesus Christ the perfect one. You are righteous because of God in you. Though you may stumble He will pick you up (Proverbs 34:19). Be encouraged righteous man; always remember God is near, always remember the Grace of God.

Free Style Friday & A Word from the Word!!

What's up people, I hope all is going well in your lives for you all. I know that things can go up and down but I also know that our hope is secure in Christ and it will get better. So hold on, Amen! New happenings: First "Free Style Friday". What is it? Free Style Friday is a small project I will be releasing every Friday starting July 11, 2014 until the drop of my second mixtape Christ-like the Campaign Vol. 2 "Refocus". The Free Style song I upload that Friday will be a Free download, until the following Friday when I upload the new "Free Style Friday Song". I appreciate all the support from you all, so I wanted to show my appreciation and give you some Free hott music. Thank you and stay connected. Secondly, "A Word from the Word" A Word from the Word is a new writing series I will begin starting July 7, 2014 and will continue every Monday. I have a passion for writing and encouraging my brothers and sisters so I decided this would be great. I hope you all are encouraged by the postings and I also ask that you take the time to share them with your family and friends to keep them encouraged. Thank you all for the support! Stay connected to Life by staying connected to Christ!