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‘Resolution’ now available

It is with great pleasure that we unleash our debut album Resolution upon the world. All nine tracks are available for free download from our revamped and updated website, as well as being accessible via some of our social media profiles. For more details visit: http://www.chosen.ie

Album release date, track preview, and upcoming competition...

Recorded at the prestigious Westland Studios with producer extraordinaire Alwyn Walker at the helm, our debut album Resolution will finally be released on March 30th and will be available for free download directly from our website. Although the digitisation of music is fast becoming the norm, with album artwork taking more of a back seat in recent years, we still relish the opportunity to present our music as a piece of communicative art. Therefore, in addition to free MP3s, our album will also be available in two exclusive Limited Edition hardcopy formats. For now, we have uploaded the first track from the album which can be accessed below. Any newsletter subscribers will also have the second track sent to their inboxes.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Engines of Belief 2. Defective Prospection 3. The Narcissism Epidemic 4. Mental Clarity 5. Diminishment 6. Instinct 7. Asch’s Paradigm 8. Metaphysical Contradiction 9. The Departure Lounge

The Deluxe Special Edition [2CD] features a 9-track bonus disc of unreleased songs taken from the album sessions, rough mixes, and some drum & bass tracks. This exclusive set comes packaged in two separate clear jewel cases accompanied by high quality printed booklets.

The Collector’s Edition [Art Book + 2CD] is a beautiful 60-page, full colour softcover book, bundled with the Deluxe Special Edition, extensive liner notes, lyrical themes and illustrations for each song, rare photos, studio diaries and more, all exhibited within an exquisite tapestry of expanded album artwork courtesy of Fiaz Farrelly making it a must have item for those who want something a little more tangible to add to their music collection.

We will also be holding a competition on the album release day, where we shall be giving away three copies of the Deluxe Special Edition. To enter, all you have to do is email your full name to competition@chosen.ie for your chance to win, with the option of having a personal message of your choice inscribed inside the booklets if you wish.

The winners will be announced on the album release day. Best of luck to everyone! Please note, the closing date for entry is March 28th.