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Recent Fanees

Not been on RN as much, and have got behind with fanning back again! Have about five pages of fans to get through, and as I prefer to listen and comment to everyone it will take me a while to catch up again, so if y'all could bear with me who have fanned ....I will fan back ....eventually :D Love to all :) Deb xoxo

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween All :D Just a quick note to say, I'm pretty busy as usual so sorry if I don't get back to folks straight away ....especially anyone who's fanned me, but I always fan back , so bear with me ;) Love and Peace X Deb X

Chart Crap

Weheeey! At last RN have restored my #1 Status ... I'm totally grateful to everyone who's kept me at no.1 whilst I've been off visiting some other nonsensical chart land. Still not sure what chart I was plonked in ...anyway glad to be back at No.1 ..top of the flops :D :D :D

Heb Ystyr

A song from way back when I was in the band 'Slecs' - 'Heb Ystyr', which simply means 'Without Meaning'


oops! I just messed up my personal facebook account, all the likes I've given everyone should still be intact and my page but my personal account link has changed (just the numbers on the end) https://www.facebook.com/debbie.moore.99


All the songs posted on my page are copyrighted ! ! ! * x * X * x *


Moonblood is a short quirky little piece with layered vocals. I worked entirely on my own on the track so I only have myself to blame for this one : )


Just added another song called 'Nightmare', not my own song, it was written by folk and blues artist Frank McClelland. It's just a quick recording with Frank on guitar, me on vocals and a bit of atmospheric synth : )

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