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Student Stuff

Kasey back in August! she's been at camp in Pigeon Forge for the last month sounding good from what I hear she's ready for a new round of lesson at the beginning ofa" da' fiscal school year lol She's fantastic on that live "Control" here at the page it was great getting her in there for some shows, maybe more soon looking forward to getting back with her....Me and my guitar student Robert Drennen decided to scrap working on a full length album, hell we got one! lol it's here! We're just learnin and cuttin', might try to get Robert to join me and Shele at the gig...me and gtr student Victoria have a new jam of "rhinannon that's nice just honing it a little at the moment..new student Cameron from WATE (that's all I know lol) to start this coming Monday, looking forward to it!

Gtr Student Tom Cox Is Now Composing

Blew my mind man! Came in with a song today called "They Ain't Worried In Nashville" blew me out man! lol I mighta helped with a couple 7th chords..seriously impressed great work..hope you're diggin bass student Dan Brown on "As A Friend" after we finished cutting the basic rhythm track of bass and drums he goes "let's keep coming up with our own" lol that's the idea!!


that radio spot was fun to do my cousin who's a cool dude puts a piece of paper in my face and says "read this I'll put it on the air" lol I thought I was quite good! They run a real tight ship up at LAR /JSQ 👍👍 check em out at 101.7 on the FM dial 😎

Students On Spotify!

Guitar student Jessie Gimple with his fantastic playing on "On With The Show' and Gold' which you've been hearing here on reverb for quite some time, and drum/bass ace Kasey Thomas with her wonderful drumming on "The Buddha And The Terrorist" are now on Spotify and all over the world! Everyone is thrilled and they continue to amaze..guitar student Kristen Bowker aside from talking up her pet grooming joint with City View magazine kicked a lot of ass on 'I Don't Know What Else To Ask" which you should hear as well 😁 My advice is to go to Spotify and search Will Fletcher lol I don't think they do links at Spotify do they...Anyway cheers keep listening 😁😁😁

Vox/gtr student Gus Darden EP

Had to play you a taste lol getting some good stuff together man you'll hear it soon! September ish

New gtr student Sidney Mathis

From Farragut high school, unbelievable! She got all of the Open major chords in an hour lesson...incredible Worked with Zane on "Barabara Ann" this morning should be hearing it soon! Penatonic scales w gtr ace Tom Cox later...students doing good! 😁

Drennen's New album

"I Shall Believe" is one of about 19 cuts we've been laying down for Robert's new joint should be hearing more soon!

Water Into Wine (feel so fine)

Thanks to everyone who came out last night on a beautiful evening to rock out to FM w my ace of bass and drums (snare and brushes last night lol) should have a couple live cuts from the show soon!

"Taxman" with Dan, Alan Labudde, rehearsal plus

"taxman" sounding fantastic! With ace of bass dan brown should hear it soon! My vocal student Alan Labudde is having me review material for his album and add some groovy lol looking forward to starting work on the material...the rehearsal plus is mine Michele's and drum/bass student Kasey Thomas' live rehearsals cut off the iPad first with some extra fixins lol hope you dig it and come to the show! Hit the link below for some of f alans stuff!


Drum/Bass student Kasey Thomas w KSO at Tennessee Theatre this weekend

go check em' out!