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Looking for Fan Votes on.Jan.28-Feb.11

Online Voting Period: Jan 28 (10:00am EST) until Feb 11 (4:00pm EST) Beginning January 28, our song Superhero will be available for fans to download from Hard Rock Cafe Orlando's Facebook page. Each download counts as a "vote" for the band. Fans can vote for as many bands as they would like. There is no registration or fee required for fans. Anyone around the world may download your song. There are, however, a few criteria that fans must meet for a download to count as a "vote": Fans will be required to "Like" the local Hard Rock Facebook page. Outside of the US, fans must live within the same country as that Hard Rock location. In the US, fans must live within 100 miles of that Hard Rock location. Fans may only vote ONCE for each band. We will have 2 weeks to promote our song using any means possible, So thats where we need you,your friends.ect. WILD CARDS If our location has 11 or less bands participating, one of those bands will be a Wild Card chosen by the cafe. The remaining bands will be chosen based on top votes. If our location has 12 or more bands participating, two of those bands will be Wild Cards, chosen by the cafe. The remaining bands will be chosen based on top votes so again we need your VOTE,to get our chance to Rock the HardRock .

Thanks to the Talent that Surrounds me

It may seem petty to some but 6 months ago i was ready to give the music up.I sold all of my stuff and after 11 1/2 years Quit. But Thanks to a Great Friend who was not only the owner of the ISW studio but a Great Drummer "Will Spadafora" offered to Help me to get back to work and now 2013 gives me a new start with my New Band Southside Junction But it's all Thanks to the Talent that Surrounds Me-Will Spadafora-Drums,Steve Neece-Bass,Ian Little-Keys,and Tim Colvin- Lead Guitar

How do you feel about Original Music

I am a Original Singer/Songwriter ,age 56 and have never played a cover song,so tell me how you feel about original music.

Diesel Outlaws
Diesel Outlaws  (over 4 years ago)

We listened to your creativity Bob and we're glad your giving your music to the world, be proud, The Diesel Outlaws Band