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A Little More About Us!

Hello! We're The Silver Antham. We're a two piece acoustic band from Knoxville Tennessee. We love to play music and extending our ever growing musical style. We currently have mostly cover videos which you can check out on our YouTube Channel, but we have an upcoming EP to be recorded very soon! And maybe even a single or two even sooner if you're lucky! We will greatly take any requests for cover songs so let us know and we will do it for you! We would also like to add that while we are not a Christian band, we believe with all our hearts that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and are firm followers of him. We are fairly new and always interested and open to play shows so if you're interested, contact us or our booking agent Sarah Alyea. Our policy is every 100th person to like our facebook page will receive a free copy of our upcoming EP, a song request, T-shirt(when we make them), etc etc. Something cool of your choice. So help us spread the word by telling your friends! We love you all!