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Moved to California!

It wasn't long ago that had you told me I would leave the Pacific Northwest and end up living in California, let alone southern, I'd have have told you you're crazy~ or maybe hit you! But here I am in Wofford Heights, population 2200, and loving it. It's very remote. One of the claims to fame for the Kern River Valley here is that it was old stomping grounds for Merle Haggard, as well as for many old Hollywood actors who filmed a multitude of the old classic western movies here... and not so endearing, where the U.S. Cavalry massacred 263 Indians in1863.... But I'm new to this area, looking to start all over finding solo gigs, meeting musicians to get a new band together or fill a vacancy in an existing band.... Maybe I'll even remember to update this site.

New CD Release

Finally, our new CD, "Stolen From The Vault" is out! It's a 15-song disc, all original, including the songs posted here on this site. It will soon be available through such online outlets as iTunes, but meanwhile, you're welcome to email me directly and I'd be happy to send you a copy for $10 US.....cgbake42@yahoo.com.

Up coming shows

Watch for announcements of dates for Charlie playing solo at the NW Washington Fair in August, and for The Charlie Baker Band at Burntwoodsstock in July.


So the primary purpose of this site is to fish for any publisher, promoter, booking agent who might stumble upon it and find this music of interest. I'd love to see somebody famous recording some of these songs. And while Rick, John,and I are not what you'd call actively gigging, we'd love to book just about any gig out there. got one?

Hear more?

Got some other music, if you'd care to check it out, at www.myspace.com/charliebakermusic, a site that I haven't maintained in ages. It's all off an album that was strictly solo--just me and a guitar....Well, ok, somtimes it was me and a guitar and a bass....well, ok, on a few songs it was me and 2 guitars and a bass....but it all sounds pretty much like just one person cause it is. Anyway, hope you like it.