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We finally finished producing - and naming - the EP a couple weeks ago. This is a totally self-recorded and self-produced album, we are sending it out only for mixing and mastering.

Picking a name for an album can be hard. Not as hard as naming a band, but still. I had plenty of ideas but none that held up well when I'd return to them after a day or two. I really don't know where SUPERCHROMATIC finally came from, but to me it's a reference to the world, life, and music: it's all super-colorful if you just let yourself see it.

SUPERCHROMATIC is being mixed in LA this week and will be mastered in Seattle next week, so we should have it for you by the beginning of July!

Lots of festivals and fairs this summer!

Wow, this is turning out to be a great summer.

If you know me, you know I'm kind of nerdy. Part of my nerdiness is constant list-making and goal-setting. Well, one of the goals I set back in December or January was to play five Colorado fairs or festivals this summer, which is only our first full summer playing out. (Our first gig was last July, and our second only last November.)

Well, we have played, or are playing, these fairs and festivals in 2013:

- The BolderBOULDER 10k (not sure if that qualifies as a "festival", but hey, thousands upon thousands of people ran by us, many in costumes, including a group of TeleTubbies who danced with us for a while)

- The Capitol Hill People's Fair (where we completely ran out of CDs... I think about 50 of them!!)

- The Underground Music Showcase

- The Jefferson County Fair

- Parker Days Festival

and... we're in the final running for Taste of Colorado! Fingers crossed on that one!

Old News, New News

Yep, just posted a couple of old blog items because I'm porting the web site from one host to another. Moving content!

Electric Force Field on LA-based internet radio

EFF will be played at noon Wednesday Oct 3 at indie104.com. Sah-weet! And thanks to host Dave Barber.

I am not Mariah Carey, but I am bringing back the whistle.

Recorded final vocals for Innocence on the Run a couple nights ago. For the first time ever, I found a real use for my whistle register! Freakin' high ad libs in the final choruses.