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Hi guys, It's us at Skeleton Kednig who just want to remind you that we're up on bandcamp now! Specifically you can get Immolation for a scant 8 bucks and there's also a new release up there called War of Contrition. It's an odds and sods collection of songs from various bands I've been in and some solo demos and such. There's a few long requested favorites like "Irish Day" and "Love Recklessly" with the Orsons and some cool newer stuff like the outtake "Pity the Rapist" from Immolation and a few favorite demos of mine, like "the North Atlantic" and "Bessemer City". PLUS, it's only 3 bucks for the whole collection of 15 songs. So go check it out at skeletonkednig.bandcamp.com

Keep your eyes open, too, as we'll soon have some new shows popping up very soon. Thanks, and be well!


Get Connected!

Good Morning, Skeledtonians! We've started a twitter account @skeletonkednig so feel free to follow us, as we will be updating you with upcoming shows and news. We'll soon be adding some full band shows around town and maybe farther afield, so stay tuned. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the Milkjug Productions "Milkjuggernaut End of Summer Sampler" featuring 17 tracks from various Charlotte region artists. the song "When I Go" from our album immolation.