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Getting Robo-Fanned

I've been getting fanned a lot lately. I try to listen to everyones' music who fans me. Sometime I get the feeling I'm getting robo-fanned. But overall, it's very cool to listen to people from other countries. Check out my recommendations.

Music is cool

Music is cool to listen to, alone or with friends and family. Music can harness a collective unconcious of a group of strangers. To play music is a joy that transcends all the mundane. To play music with friends makes the feeling even moreso. To create music is sublime. It is also risky, it's like sticking your neck out for it to be hacked in two. I have to believe in myself, that my music is me and I have something to say, and what I have to say is worth hearing. How do you feel about the need to create and express? Best.... BT