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2013: A year in review

I've been thinking about how this year began and how we thought the year would go for us in Stalemate. We began the year together setting out a list of goals: play a show by May, write at least one new song, revive all old songs, and improve social media presence. At the time, that list seemed like quite the tall order, especially since we hadn't played a show since the summer of 2009 and Jess was still working to fill the very large shoes of our virtuoso former bass player, Ed.

We started out able to play through five or six of our songs and now we can play all of our 16 song catalog, but one (Blind with Fury, it's a toughie). We set out to play one show by May, we ending up playing our first in four years in April. It was a battle of the bands, and we won. We've gone on to play 6 more shows this year, including a second place finish in the final round of a Gorilla Productions battle of the bands. We've had the pleasure of meeting all sorts of awesome local musicians, and we've made a whole bunch of new friends. We've also got to play in venues we've never played before, and work with new production companies. We got new art work for our t-shirts and got the ground work started on two new songs. We also have made pretty big splash on social media and we're currently ranked #2 on the Omaha Rock charts via Reverb Nation, and that feels quite nice!

Our biggest victory of the year, though, is how Jess has stepped up to play bass for us. She has done an amazing job picking up our tunes, especially since we're so limited in how often we can practice, and we're now playing two songs we didn't think we'd ever be able to play again. Jess has come a long way from her first show, ever, in April and now she's stealing the show! Also, she's awesome at promoting the band and is undoubtedly the reason why we did so well in the two battles of the bands we played this year. We're all proud of her and glad to have her as part our band.

As exciting as 2013 has been for us, we're hoping to make the most of 2014. Thanks to everyone who helped make our year a great one, and we hope keep kickin' ass with you next year!


Getting back on the horse

It's been a long time since I've considered the possibility of Stalemate rising from the ashes but from where I'm sitting it looks like that is just what is happening. Jason, Brandon, and I have been getting together several times a month (not quite every week, but we try) since June and we've been knocking the rust off of all of our songs (yes, even the old Metallica inspired tunes). We're working with Jessica (Jason's wife) to teach her how to play the bass parts since Ed has now moved on to play with another band, and my brother Mike has been seeing what he can add on the keys. We're still feeling out our new direction, but from what we've learned about writing and recording music in the last five years, I think 2013 is going to be a very exciting year for Stalemate and our fans!