New Music and Dreams for 2016

I'm dropping some exciting new tracks/EP's this year. The plan is for 4 EP's: one very danceable and bassy EP, one Downtempo Dub , one Didgeridoo/Drum/ n Bass style, and a Live Looping/Hiphop EP. If I'm lucky I'll get to the futuristic singer/songwriter EP in limbo. Plus some remix surprises are coming soon. Trying to beat the buds on the trees until full bloom! #edm #hiphop #didgeridoo #ableton #looping

Full Circle: Beatpoet to Beatmaker to Hiphopper.

It's been 20 amazing years since I veered off the path of being mostly a pure poet (spoken/written word), into the magical realms of music making. I strangely started making music at age 3, and even wrote a song called 'Indians Hunting'.

I played a little violin in elementay school, but I used the bow more as a weapon/sword than an actual instrument. I faked my way into a symphony once, just once, (broke that bow swordfighting before the performance). My parents believed but I actually played music in the performance, I merely floated over the strings in a 'Milli Vanilli' fashion.

I was quickly discouraged to follow my love of music however, due to unintentional parental influences. (I was told I wasn't the 'talented' child of the family. But I don't regret really anything, ever.

I didn't know music was 'actually' cool until my late teens, when I fell back in love, with music... My parents divorce was the best thing ever to happen for me creatively. No longer was I afraid of playing the 'wrong' music in my bedroom, and being punished. No more boring Opera tunes would be played, ever...

Now it really feels like the time is here to finish all those unfinished songs (all 500 of them), and to rekindle the magic and fire that I had flowing through me as a young boy, and to inspire others to do the same...

Stay tuned for many new releases coming out this year. There will be several #glitchhop #chillout #dubstep #hiphop #trap #ambient #rock #blues #edm #world #house fusion tracks dropping this winter. No genre will be sparred in this compositional carnage. I am creating a new monster, a mutant beat for the concrete, before all my dreams become obsolete... before vision fades from 20/20, into the sensory realms of the olefactory factory... end of story.

Seattle Bound

Well, once again I am hitting #Seattle streets and venues as hard as I can this Summer. This will be my first 2 week tour, and there may be another wave at the tail end of Summer. I will be debuting a very danceable #funk #hiphop and #edm flavored sets with my new mini drum kit, with bass provided by my newly painted #Didgeridoo. The kit: 8 inch Zildjian ZHT hats, a mini Tama snare, and cajon or Tom kick. Maybe more cowbells? Plus all the usual slew of shakers/caxixe/cameroons, rainsticks, ankle bells, foot tamborines, claves/bilmas, and chimes. And a #resonator #guitar will debut it''s lush open tuning. I will be touring until the #Oregon Country Fair.

Building my first #Cigarbox #Guitar #Dulcimer

I have decided to take this old cardboard-bodied dulcimer, and swap it out with a nice Cedar Arturo Fuente cigar box. There was only one of the Super Sixty sizes available on Ebay. I'm going to install a pickup and volume pot as well. We had one of these 'Strumsticks' holding it all down in my old band 'Tribe Zero' (with Tal Hurley) plus FX, loops, #percussion, and #didgeridoo it was off the hook!

Painting a didgeridoo, painting an electronic landscape...

This week I'm painting a 7 foot didgeridoo with a 7.5 inch bell. Crazy bass! Listen in for some creative DJ mixes and new material materializing in April too. #didgeridoo #edm #dj #ableton

Playing at the Saturday Markets in Eugene Oregon and practicing daily...

It was an amazing first day of the Eugene Oregon Saturday and Farmers market. I debuted my dobro for the first time, while playing didgeridoo. The tips seem to have doubled surprisingly since last year. Gotta thank Seattle for all that full time busking I did in 2014. I think it chiseled me into the musician I've always wanted to become. Someone remembered me from last year, and said "man, you've been practicing!" I'm focused on Delta blues and World/Funk this week. Remember to stay practicing what you love to do so you can do it...

Tribal bellydancers debut "Desert Crunk #1"

It was an amazing weekend of diverse performances at the Spring Fair in Oregon. Some talented bellydancers debuted one my electronica tracks to my surprise! "Desert Crunk #1" I plan to have many collaborations with tribal and traditional bellydancers at some shows this year. The video footage of my sets also came out beautiful. Stay tuned for some drop dates. Thanks. - Marcus.

Oregon roots running deep...

The weather has been so good this winter around Eugene, OR. Not much rain has fallen, but the inspiration here is heavy and on the rise. So I'm living near Eugene, but I will still do some shows in Seattle and visit of course (summer). The rainy cityscapes and cool people have chiseled my craft and skills into a deeper level than I ever could have imagined. I am ready to rock this year! I've decided to plant some roots (again) in Oregon. I travel all over the west coast recording and performing wherever I'm called to be. Contact me if you want me to play somewhere on the West Coast. I do some high energy live sets in the one man band style, with or without looping. I also make #Livetronica and# DJ. I'm working on a mini tour for 2015.

#2 in EDM on Reverbnation!

We have gracefully risen up the reverbnation charts. Big thanks to everyone who has checked out the tunes! I really appreciate your flexible tastes in music. Deep expressions of gratitude to all of the new and old fans. You rock!!! The new tracks getting polished and re-mixed this week...

Top 3 on reverbnation… thank you!

We are number 3 on reverbnation again! Thanks to everyone who checked out the music. More on the way… Also, wondering here who's going to be number 100, to like my Facebook page? I'll give number 100 a free copy of my new upcoming Glitch Hop EP; just holler… facebook.com/marcusfire My bass-laden hiphop debut is almost out now too...