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West Coast Road Trip - "Fantastic Waters"

Yesterday evening I started out on a little trek down the western coastline of the good ol' U.S. of A.

Last night I found an open mic in the little Portland suburb of Oregon City at Coney Island Tavern / Cocktails.

It was a fantastic experience. Everyone was so friendly and kind. Memorable experiences included a proposition for my watch in exchange for some "good weed!" And the "Evan Shuffle" dancers at the end of my little three song set. Evan was the emcee and was just a great guy and well spoken host for the evening. Other artists were enjoyable to listen to. It was a tight knit group with collaboration from not only on stage performers but also patrons in the audience shaking maracas from their tables!

I was treated very warmly. So thank you to my new friends at Coney Island Tavern. You were great. I'll have to visit again sometime

A video diary will chronicle a little bit more of my adventure. Stay posted to my youtube channel