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The Concept: an alternate realm

Most of the music on this site has been developed based on the ideas born from an alternate realm I've been creating since I was 12 years old.

I had difficulty choosing an academic direction in college, because my interests and passions were so varied - I loved biology, history, anthropology, geology, geography, poetry, astronomy, theater, costume design, music composition, screen writing, epic narrative, myth, folklore, philosophy, religious and spiritual studies, anatomy, and also odd areas of interest such as insect physiology, the volcanic record, language development, tribal custom and holistic medicine.

With the projects I'm devoting to now, I have found a way to combine all my interests, as I define the many aspects of a realistic but entirely fantastical realm. As I wandered the wilds of this place through the years, I met characters that defined very particular details, and many of them revealed the variety of songs I sing. Now the music stemming from this imagined place is beginning to reveal itself to the world - I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

'Supernova Scotia'

The working title for one of my two upcoming albums, I've always liked plays on words that combine unrelated things. Since the inception of the Hubble Telescope, I've been utterly fascinated by the images being relayed back from it. Often referring to myself as a nebula, looking at the Hubble images I felt like I was looking at a family album. And in a way, since we are physically composed of the same stuff as the stars in the vastness of space, maybe this perspective makes a tiny speck of sense... The 'Nova Scotia' part of the title looks at my grounded nature as a being living on Earth, so essentially the album title embraces where I came from and where I am.