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⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊DAILY NUGGET ON PEACE✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«

“Imagine if there's no countries killing one another, or religion killing one another, Politicians fighting each other, Imagine all the people Living in peace together as one, the world shall become a temporal heaven.

You may say that one is a dreamer, we are not, but we hope someday you'll join us to make the world be as one” ― C. C. Paradise Rephrased John Lennon quote. Coz "ALL WE NEED IS PEACE" http://reverbnation.com/ccparadise


"If the end of every war is Reconciliation and Peace, let's define a Means never to war again" C.C. Paradise (/gaza 2012)