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when i was a kid, my goal in life was to learn all of the languages of the world so i could communicate and connect with as many people as i possibly could. i went to tower books (a local book and music store) and purchased a guide to help on this feat! the first language i was determined to learn was Russian. at the time, mila jovovich had an album out and she did a russian folk song that i thought was incredibly beautiful. i was determined to learn the language. then i opened up my new guide and was overwhelmed by the different characters in the language. i put it down for awhile, and decided in high school to learn french. the thing that is SO COOL about technology nowadays is that we have the ability to communicate with people with the help of online translators, translation apps, etc. I have made some really awesome, beautiful connections with people all over the world in the last year and through my music, and have realized that through this i am fulfilling this lifelong dream. i've never been happier! :)

music industry madness

i've heard many times over in the last few years that the music industry is changing….and i completely agree. i started performing publicly about 10 years ago and the resources available to musicians were few & far between. the "big labels" had all the control, and the ability for independent musicians to get their music out there and be heard, seemed impossible. now, with sites like ReverbNation and other various social media outlets (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.), the ability to get your music out there is SO EASY! It's literally a click away!

so i've decided to do an experiment and i'd love for you to join me on this experiment! i'm going to access as many outlets as i can for my music, start performing again, and see what i'm capable of doing without the backing of a major record label behind me. 10 years ago i started to gain a following in my hometown, then life took over and took me out of the music scene for several years. i'm SO EXCITED to be back in the music industry, and would love for you to come on (what i hope to be) this crazy ride with me!

until next time, i hope this blog finds you in happy times and great spirits! :)

kristen meredith