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Just want to thank every one who was in the video. I had a blast and I hope you had fun as well. Special thanks to Lauren Huffman for filming, producing, and directing it. You did a great job.

13 (The shack)

A few years ago i read this book called "The shack". I loved it, i loved it so much i wanted to write 10 songs about, well 10 songs turned into 2 songs and 2 songs turned into one song because only one was good, and that one song was only about the introduction of the book. So there you have it, a song written about the introduction of "The shack".

Song a week

I plan on having a new song for you every week. Plans don't always work out, but i will do my best. Im looking to make the variety of each song change dramatically but plans don't always work out, I will do my best. I hope you enjoy.

A song hoarders salvation

In the last 8 years or more i've collected a good many songs and many of them have had no home, no owner , and no lover. Hopefully now i can give them all these things and just maybe they can do the same for others in return. I will be posting these songs on reverberation hoping that people will enjoy them and one day others will sing them.