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Small But Mighty

Sin… How can a word so small have such catastrophic effects? It is the destroyer of families, relationships, and even lives. If great precautions aren’t taken, it could lead to eternal damnation. Eternity never ends, ever. Satan is the author of sin. His entire existence evolves around temptation. Temptation leads to sin, Which, in turn, leads to guilt and depression, Ultimately leading to self-destruction. Sin separates us from God and without Him, all is lost.

Sin… So easy to do, so hard to elude…why? So easy to become habit. Habits are so hard to break, so why not form good ones? Why, you ask? Because of the mind. The mind wanders, pondering over sin, Leading to temptation, which leads to committing sin, Which leads to guilt and depression, Ultimately separating us from God and causing our self-destruction. Who’s at fault? Is it we? Is it Satan? Or is it God allowing Satan to test us? Who’s to say? In any case, we must overcome. Otherwise we will fail the final examination.

Sin… Small but Mighty. So powerful that Almighty God Himself sent His only son just to die for it. Think about it. Sin destroyed the world once and it will destroy it again. The only question is…when? We must prepare. Are we going to let a three-letter word run our lives? God, help us.

Mission Statement

It is the goal of Divine Appointment that we, not only through our musical gifts, but with our lives, please God. His praise shall continually ring from our mouths, our hearts, and our talents. It is our constant goal to edify the body of Christ through our message and it is our passion to be “Soul Winners” for His kingdom.