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another endorsement

I've been at this music thing for a long time. When I get a chance to share how great an aspect of it is with my fellow musicians I figure I should. This time.... it's another retailer. Sweetwater Pro Audio up in Fort Wayne never ceases to amaze with their stellar customer service. They are tops in my experience (I hear this from all of their customers). Super informative in sales and advising purchases BUT the most remarkable thing to me is the after sales support. They have answered every question and solved every problem I've encountered promptly, courteously, and (with my occasionally tech challenged self)... patiently.

good music business foks

We aren't big enough yet to be paid to endorse anything or anybody so you can bet if I take the time to give 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, etc that it's sincere. Customer service... I play old beat up vintage stuff myself but Kelli plays a great little Breedlove C250 acoustic guitar. Got it used from my buddy at Center Stage. After several gigs there showed up a grounding problem in the endpin. I called Breedlove and described my problem. I got a great rep and the coolest guitar tech on the phone and they shipped out a replacement part free of charge the day I called. I love the guitar and really like the Breedlove company now

Copper Still

Thanks to all who came out tonight to see Kelli, Gary and me play. Great crowd! Love the staff of that bar. Really good people

Harrison Center for the Arts

Looking forward to playing at the Hank and Dolly Gallery for my friend Kim Cappucino's art exhibit tomorrow night

two gigs this coming weekend

Friday, playing for my friend Kim Cappucino's art show at the Harrison Center. Then Saturday night at Bu Da Lounge

Open house

Thanks to all the musicians at Logan Street last night. Megan Hopkins.. love playing with you. Thanks to Gary and Kelli for joining me on stage and a special thanks to Tonos Triad

Megan and me at Copper Still

Have lots of dates coming up but am really looking forward to sharing the stage with Megan 8/10 at Copper Still. She's a great singer-songwriter and we are gonna take turns solo, play a few together and hope to have some special guests as well

Logan Street Sanctuary

The new venue is getting close to opening. I think a "songwriters in the round" event sounds like a pretty good way to launch

Ricks Cafe Boatyard

Looks like Barnyard Audio has got an every Monday night spot here. Great place. Great atmosphere on the lake. Amazing food.


Beautiful Baldwin baby grand piano will be arriving at the gallery this Tuesday thanks to Piano Solutions.