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Chicago Bulls Game Oct 19, 2014

I sang the National Anthem at the Chicago Bulls Game on Oct 19, check it out :) http://youtu.be/aN8_MRRHYng

New Video!

Check out my page and new video "Young And In Love" !

What's To Come

Hi to all fans, new and old!! Thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time out of your days to listen to my songs and share how they have helped you, how much you enjoy them, and all the wonderful things you have all been saying. It's incredibly rewarding to see how a little piece of my life that I put into a song can relate back to so many of you. Since the release of my EP, I have been rehearsing with a brand new live band that will be playing with me at lots of SHOWS very very soon! I am so excited to be on stage and to meet and see all of you out there. Be on the look out for dates being posted! If you haven't gotten your copy of the EP, I will have CD's for sale at all live shows, and you can also purchase one from my website: www.makenahartlin.com There's SO much to come in the very near future and I am fully aware that it wouldn't be possible without the support of amazing, loving fans. Thank you for believing in me, and I hope to see you VERY soon!! Cheers, Makena Hartlin

New Music

Hello everyone!! I have six brand new original songs to show you all. The recording process was such an amazing experience and I have learned SO SO much. I will have physical copies for sale at all my shows and would love to hear your feedback! Happy listening & enjoy!

Summer shows

We cant wait to play some fun outdoor shows this summer, its something good to think about while the snow is falling :)

Show Dates

hey guys, make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming shows. We're gonna start getting busy!